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Nothing says spring like a lush green lawn. The Lawn is an essential area, whether it is for entertaining our just relaxing with the family. In a recent poll, 90% percent of Americans indicated that having a well cared for yard was important to them. This makes sense considering that the majority of homeowners with lawns spends at least six hours outdoors each week either working or relaxing. Did you know that maintaining your lawn and landscaping can add more than just curb appeal to your home? A well thought out and properly maintained lawn can also increase your resale value as much as 215% come selling time.

Consider Adding Native Plants and Foliage to Your Yard

Using plants that are native to your region is not only a cost effective landscaping technique, but it also is appealing to new home buyers. In recent trends, potential home buyers are looking for houses that incorporate native plants and trees in their landscaping. Lawns that incorporate native flora coexist with the regional environment as opposed to competing against it. For more information on plants that are native to your area, consult with a local garden center. Who knew that your lawn could be “green” on a whole different level?

Adding Lighting to Your Landscape Design Can Mean a Quicker Turnaround

In a recent study it was shown that homes with nicely landscaped lawns are bought more quickly than houses that do not have planned landscapes. What is the one downside of having a perfectly manicured lawn? Well unfortunately your landscaping can only be seen and appreciated during the daytime. Standard house hunting practices dictate that a potential buyer will look at a house during the day as well as during the evening. If you invest in outdoor lighting, your property will look just as beautiful during the night as it does during the light of day. The lighting doesn’t have to be extensive, like large flood lights. It can be as subtle has soft perimeter, or path lighting, anything to warm up your home’s exterior during the dark hours. This little trick can sell your house, on average, six weeks faster.

Don’t Forget, Basic Lawn Care is Still Important

While planning out new improvements for your lawn, make sure to keep in mind the subsequent maintenance that will be needed. Proper lawn care is going to be the cornerstone of any landscape design. Even if you are planning on selling your house, you will need to make sure that the amount of upkeep is within your time and skill constraints. For example splurging on exotic plants might seem like an eye catching endeavor, but if your are bereft of a green thumb those plants could easily become an eyesore. Therefore, there are couple of options to consider, first work with plants that are forgiving and that fit your lifestyle or consider seeking professional lawn and garden care. If you are thinking about going the professional route make sure to factor in the cost when planning your landscaping. Although one of the perks of leaving it to the pros is that it gives your more time to enjoy lawn and less hassle. Never lose sight that your lawn, while an important part of your property value, is meant to be enjoyed.

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