There were three men involved in the burglary that occurred near Denver this week, according to the local ABC affiliate Only two of them entered the Littleton home disguised as home maintenance contractors that were searching for a possible water main break. Once inside the faux handyman service workers took the home owner outside to the backyard where they distracted her long enough for their third partner to sneak inside and steal money and jewelry.

“The victim said that she observed a third person in the passenger seat of the van when she originally answered the door,” Littleton Police officials said. “When in doubt, do not let them into your home. As always, the police department encourages citizens to call the police. We are always happy to come out and verify the identity of anyone trying to gain access to your home and yard.”

It’s another case of criminals using deception through home maintenance. While this is a more direct form of theft, many thieves have used fake roofing businesses to scam people.

New roofing can last between 25 and 50 years. Four out of five roofs are covered in asphalt, but metal ones will last on the longer end of that scale. Eventually every roof needs work or replacing though. When unsuspecting owners call them in need of home maintenance they schedule appointments, collect deposits, but are never heard from again.

Instead of taking the risk of entering your house and taking things, they rely even more on manipulation to get you to literally give them money. It’s important to research any company or private contractor thoroughly before doing business. That goes double for strangers that come to your doorstep asking to be let in. If they can’t prove the business they’re working for and job they’re doing is legitimate, don’t be afraid to call the cops and let them figure it out. References.

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