Hardwood or carpet

Carpet covers an impressive 70% of American floors, and people are even dreaming about it. (Mostly because 44% of people prefer it in their bedrooms.) If you’re tired from searching for your best floor options, take a break with these fun carpet facts.

Carpet Diem – Carpet comes from the Latin word for “pluck,” because carpets were made from plucked fibers. The same root word can be found in the phrase “carpe diem,” or “seize (pluck) the day.”

Bag it Up – The phrase “carpet bagger” is derived from literal bags made from carpet that were carried by Northern soldiers in the civil war. The Southern soldiers weren’t very creative apparently.

Make ’em Sparkle – If you want to make your carpeting extra bright, sprinkle it liberally with salt. It’ll soak up any surface dirt. (Pro tip: this tip can also be used for food.)

Freeze! – If you ever get gum stuck in your carpets, try freezing it with some ice cubes in a plastic bag. You should be able to just chip it off. (Especially if your carpet is wool, one of the most durable carpet options.)

Kind of Similar – The original vacuum cleaner was based off of the street cleaning machine, which was invented in 1699. Imagine having to move your car every time you vacuumed. (Wait, that’s not right…)

Magic Carpet – If you need carpeting ideas, check out the history of rugs. Many of the beautiful celestial and filigree designs on Persian rugs have holy origins and stories attached to them, which could add elegance and depth to your home.

That’s Not My Name! – Any piece of fabric flooring smaller than 40 square feet is not actually a carpet, it’s a rug. But most of the time, they’re fairly interchangeable.

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