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So you’re installing new floors in your home! You’ve got your colors picked out, you’re ready to get rid of the old and install the new, and maybe you’ve even started the renovations. But before you get too far along in your project, ask yourself this: what type of flooring do you want? Are you ready to commit to a new carpet installation, or would you rather put down wood floors?

The carpet vs. wood flooring debate is practically an age-old argument between homeowners, designers, and everyone else invested in building or remaking a home. Carpeting is a very traditional option, and is believed to have been developed generations ago by the people of Central Asia. Meanwhile, hardwood flooring is usually viewed as luxurious, easily adapted to every room, and can be matched to almost every design style. So, in the decision of carpet vs. wood flooring, where do you stand? And where should you stand?

There are a number of factors that should determine your choice between the two flooring options. The first is your lifestyle: do you have pets? Is your family large or very active? Do your floors see a lot of foot traffic? While wood floors are very durable, they can scratch easily and noticeably if you don’t take adequate care of your pets nails, or if you have children constantly getting into damaging misadventures. And while carpets have a reputation for becoming easily soiled, different kinds of carpeting will wear and hide dirt better than others. Cleaning is also a factor: carpeting should typically be vacuumed once a week, and more if there is a high level of foot traffic.

The next factor in the carpet vs. wood flooring debacle is, of course, price. This includes not only the price of the material, but also the cost of installation. For this aspect, it is important, regardless of your flooring choice, to find a reputable flooring company with respectable pricing (I personally have had good luck with empire floors). Carpet installation costs in the United States usually ranged from an estimated $9 per square yard to an estimated $12 per square yard. However, there are a number of options when it comes to the installation itself: Carpeting can be installed either by square foot or by carpet tile installation. On the other side of the carpet vs. wood flooring debate, however, price can vary more widely. But it is important to find a reputable solid wood flooring company, because hardwood floors expand during periods of high humidity, and improperly installed boards can be at risk for buckling.

To properly analyze both of these factors, I encourage you to research. Search “how much is carpet installation” and think carefully about price and quality. Do the same for hardwood floors. Think about what will be best for your home, and also what will disturb your day-to-day life the least with its installation. And make sure to find a reputable company for both your purchases and installation.

Have you recently installed new floors? Where do you stand on the carpet vs. wood flooring debate? Do you have any tips to share? Tell us below in the comments! More like this.

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