Some Americans are homeowners, and others rent duplexes or apartments. Others still are college students living in a dorm. But there is one common element here: furniture. All living spaces have furniture of some kind or other, and furniture can serve two main purposes: its intended function, and aesthetics. Furniture doesn’t have to be plain; it can look really nice, and help set the tone for a room or the entire house. Even budget-oriented furniture shoppers will want tough and attractive furniture for their living space, and buyers with bigger budgets can get some truly great investments, such as sleeper sofas that may last for many years or a bed that lasts for 15 years. Visiting local furniture stores is a great start, though some custom furniture can also be found online via digital catalogs.

About Furniture Shopping

Furniture shopping can be great fun, since it is a chance to refresh the home or remake a room for a new purpose. Still, it must be taken seriously, since it’s a big investment. In fact, furniture ranks third among all major expenses for adult Americans, behind housing and automobiles. What is more, most surveyed furniture shoppers agree that high quality is an absolute must; it’s an expensive hassle to keep replacing shoddy, cheap furniture. By contrast, good furniture will last five to 10 years at the very least, such as sleeper sofas, and some furniture may last up to 15 years or so. Amish wood workers, despite not using power tools, are known to make very tough and reliable wooden furniture and goods, and Americans often place custom orders for Amish goods, from benches to tables to chairs to chicken coops.

As for where to find some sleeper sofas or desks, a shopper can visit online catalogs if they know exactly what they are looking for (and local furniture retailers don’t stock those items). A good catalog will have clear, large images of all stock, including alternate color options. Still, most buyers visit local furniture stores in person, since this is a good chance to consult the staff there and get recommendations (and have some questions answered). Not all buyers start off knowing what they want to get, after all, so they’ll want the reference. Besides, by shopping in person, a buyer can sit on or lay on furniture to test it for durability and comfort.

Furniture in the Home

How should a home be furnished? This will be based on the homeowner’s lifestyle, awareness of interior decor trends, and household size. Still, updating furniture in the home is an excellent way to make the home feel new and match the owner’s current tastes and lifestyle, and no remodeling contractors are needed. In fact, interior design experts recommend that homeowners update their home’s furnishings once every five to 10 years, and many Americans more or less follow that schedule.

A homeowner can get new furniture to create a particular aesthetic for the living room, the master bedroom, or even the entire house, and this can make the home feel like new and impress guests who visit. Other furnishings such as rugs, window shades, and the wallpaper can also be updated to match.

Some furniture is designed for limited space, for the benefit of renters or homeowners with limited square footage. For example, sleeper sofas are a popular type of furniture for small spaces, since it can fold out into a bed and then fold back up during the day, eliminating the need for an entire guest bedroom. A storage bed, meanwhile, features drawers in its wooden body, so it can do the job of a standalone dresser. College students in particular, or young apartment renters, may need furniture like these pieces, since they often live with many roommates.

Changing furniture can not only alter a room’s aesthetic, but also its purpose. For example, when a grown child moves out, the homeowners can fill that empty room with a table and desk, stools, cube storage units, and drawer units to create an arts and crafts room, or they can put in a filing cabinet, desk and chair, and bookshelf for a home office. Aesthetically neutral beds, dressers, and desks can be put in to create a guest bedroom.

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