Homeowners enjoy one particular advantage over those who rent their properties: they can have an addition made to the home, or remodeling work, even adding extra rooms once they hire contractor crews who can handle it. Foundation work can be done to make room for an addition, and an extra room can be built, such as a yoga studio or a guest bedroom. Home additions may also take the form of an expanded garage, or an addition may be an outdoor kitchen or a remodeled master bathroom. In fact, even basement remodel work can be done if the homeowner so desires. A home addition is too much construction work for a homeowner to handle alone, however. While a homeowner could paint walls or replace drawer handles alone, they should hire crews and contractors to make an addition to the home a reality.

Renovation as an Industry

Many millions of homes are owned across the United States today, and many homeowners are looking to get their home interiors remodeled or expanded upon both for their own comfort and to make the property sell better on the real estate market further down the line. It is general knowledge that home renovations and outdoor landscaping can make a property more valuable and appealing on the real estate market, meaning that a homeowner who gets this work done with contractors can expect a high ROI, or return on investment, whenever they remodel a room or spend on landscaping. In fact, remodeling the bathroom alone can generate an ROI of 70% or so, and a kitchen remodel is even more efficient; it may offer an ROI as high as 82.7%. Both the kitchen and bathroom are rooms in the home that everyone uses, and they will want comfort and convenience. Other rooms may be remodeled too, such as the bedroom or even the basement.

Many homeowners are choosing to do this, and for good reason. According to a recent Houzz survey, for example, 60% of homeowners are planning to remodel the master bathroom of their house, and in general, homeowners across the United States remodel 10.2 million kitchens and 14.2 million bathrooms per year. This industry is growing, too; it is expected to grow 2% each year until the year 2025, and while the bulk of remodeling spending is done by homeowners aged 55 and over, more and more young adult homeowners are choosing to hire remodeling crews as well, and having additions made to the home. And of course, landscaping is another popular route, since some attractive features can only be found outdoors, and many Americans value their leisure time in the front or back yard to begin with. Natural features such as flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees can be planted, and man made features such as a wooden deck, a grill, or a swimming pool can boost a property’s value fast.

The Work

What might be done to renovate a home? Sometimes, contractors are hired to remodel just one or two particular rooms, and other times, they will be tasked with remodeling the entire interior, often so that a certain theme or style can be found across the entire house, ranging from rustic Mission style to art deco or even Victorian revival. The kitchen is a popular place for cooking and eating, and this makes it a strong candidate for remodeling. In fact, many homeowners report a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen remodel job, since they are much more eager to cook in a clean and modern kitchen. Old tiles can be removed and replaced, and dirty or scratched cabinet doors can be repainted or even replaced. Plumbers can update the sink, and a new and modern fridge or stove may be put in place. The counter top may be replaced with a granite or marble version that is durable, practical, and attractive.

Many people spend time in the bathroom for shaving, working on their hair, or taking a relaxing bath. Here, plumbers can replace the tub, toilet, or sink with attractive and water-efficient new models which also save money on the water bill. And here too, floor tiles can be replaced, the walls repainted, or the lighting fixtures updated with attractive new ones. This can make for a luxurious and relaxing space.

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