Walk in tub

My Mothers walk in bathtub is the saving grace of her day to day. Being as elderly as she is, the simplest of tasks become mountains to climb. Getting into a standard tub is a precarious and dangerous task, but her walk in bathtub allows her to safely step in without care. This has been such a relief for both her and I. She no longer faces injury every time she wishes to bathe, and I no longer have the constant fear of her falling again weighing on the back of my mind. Walk in tubs make all the difference for their ease of entry and exit.
One week before we got her the walk in tub, this is exactly what happened. She struggled to lift her leg over the side, throwing her off balance, and once she did step foot in the tub, she slipped on residual water. This is how she broke her hip. She said that she was lying on the floor in pain for about an hour before I came over to find her. As soon as we made it to the hospital I began searching for walk in bathtubs to prevent this from ever happening again.
It took me fifteen minutes to find the appropriate walk in bathtub and order it on my smart phone. Now my Mother can bathe without any worries and baths can become relaxing again. This is a great source for more: www.mansfieldplumbing.com

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  1. I bought a walk in tub for my grandmother last year and she hasnt fallen once. A walk in tub is a potentially life saving investment.

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