Chimney flue liners

Nearly 15,000 houses catch on fire annually due to creosote fires specifically. This is all the more reason to make sure you are using quality chimney liners to help make sure that there isn’t a build-up of materials that could be harmful to your safety and well-being.

The precursors to chimneys were the buts that Romans installed within bakery walls to get the smoke out of the buildings effectively. What could be accurately called chimneys were not introduced in Europe until the 1100’s.

Today, the highest brick chimney to stand on its own is 585 feet tall–Montana’s Anaconda Smelter Stack. Interestingly, there is a kind of bird that chooses the chimney as its nesting area, especially during warmer months. This bird is called the Chimney Swift.

Cleaning your chimney
on a regular basis is important, because if it is not maintained, a fire could break out, resulting in the destruction of property and a threat to the welfare of the inhabitants.

Whether you need new chimney flue liners or you need a professional who specializes in cleaning chimneys, contacting professionals to get the job done may make the most sense.

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