Rolling hurricane shutters

Though they may have seemingly benign — if not friendly — names such as Sandy and Katrina, hurricanes are one of the most devastating forces of nature, claiming hundreds of lives and causing billions of dollars worth of damage. While hurricanes typically only affect coastal regions (they form over the ocean), storm systems that are powerful enough can still have a severe impact miles inland.

During the cold winter months, hurricane season may seem far away, however, it’s never too early to get a jump start on your hurricane preparedness plan or guide. In fact, the winter is the perfect time to begin to prepare for hurricane season.

Preparation for a hurricane may seem overwhelming, however, by taking small steps the process can be quite easy. The key to hurricane home preparation is organization and time. It’s important not to take on too many tasks at once, but instead to tackle each task one at a time while being sure to do so thoroughly.

The first, and perhaps most important, step to hurricane home preparation is creating a hurricane preparedness guide for your family and loved ones. Your guide should contain essential information such as the location and phone number to nearby shelters and hospitals, designated meeting places in the event the family is separated, and the contact information of relatives and family friends among other information.

Your guide should also contain your family’s hurricane procedure, and what to do if evacuation is necessary. Be sure to frequently review this information with your family, especially young children. It may be helpful to create a buddy-system as to ensure no one is left behind.

Also, be sure to begin stocking up on non-perishable canned food, ice, and water well in advance. Keep in mind that if you choose to weather the storm in your home (ideally in a hurricane safe room, such as the basement), you will a substantial amount of water for drinking and cleaning. In addition, be sure to stock up on other essentials such as batteries, flash lights, lighters, tools, and other necessary items. Keep an eye out for coupons and sales that make stocking up on hurricane essentials easier on your wallet.

Remember, the safety of your family and home come first. Begin your preparations as early as possible so you can rest easy and feel confident during hurricane season. Get more here.

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