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Many will argue that lighting is one foo the most important features in a home. When trying to sell a home, realtors recommend you bring in as much lighting as possible to make the room look as bright as possible. It stands to reason then that when you are remodeling a room or your whole house, care should be given to choosing the lighting. You want to choose a brand of lights that will provide the functionality you need along with the luxurious look you desire.

Some of the top brands you should become familiar with when shopping for lights are Leucos lighting, Bowery lighting, Fontana Arte lighting, Dimond lighting, George Kovacs lighting, and Holtkotter lighting.

In addition to knowing what brands to look at, you also need to know the type of lighting you need and the type of fixtures you should look at for each room. First, there are generally three types of lighting to consider for a space: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Task lighting will be the brightest and the most focused to enable you to complete tasks within the space with the proper amount of light.

In addition to the types of lighting, you also need to consider the types of bulbs. Again, generally speaking there are fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, and LED lights available. Fluorescent lights are highly energy efficient, but also give off a fairly unnatural glow, require special fixtures, and may make a buzzing sound. These may be ideal for garages, sheds, or work areas. Compact fluorescent bulbs became really popular a few years ago and remain to be somewhat popular, but are now being replaced by LED bulbs.

Incandescent lights are cheap but really going to the wayside due to their inefficiencies. LED bulbs are highly efficient. They are somewhat more expensive than other options, but they also last considerably longer than most other light bulbs.

Finally, you want to consider the type of placement of the fixtures you want. Common fixtures include recessed lights, wall lights, pendant lights, and flush lights. Pendant lights are common in kitchens or over tables because they provide direct task lighting to the area below where they hang. Flush lights hang just inches from the ceiling, while recessed lights are actually installed in the ceiling. Leucos lighting offers a wide range of ficture options for all types of lighting needs. More like this blog. Links like this.

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