Ceramic tile that looks like wood

Regardless of whether you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or your bathroom, the return on investment is significant. They are the two most remodeled rooms in the home, and there are the rooms that have the biggest impact on the sale of a house.

One area that gets a lot of attention is the backsplash. Again, it doesn’t matter if you are remodeling the bathroom of the kitchen, the backsplash in either room is an inviting opportunity to make a statement.

There are a lot of things you can do on your own to create a beautiful, colorful backsplash that will be the envy of all your friends. One option is a mosaic tile patterns. If you think that mosaic patterns are beautiful, you have two options. First you can buy peel and stick tiles in a mosaic pattern that you like and put them up as your backsplash designs.

Your second option is to create your own mosaic tile designs. This can be done with small mosaic tiles, broken pieces of other tiles, broken glass, dishes, stones, beach glass, or any other hard surface that can be arranged and secured with adhesive and grout. Obviously, creating your own mosaic tile backsplash requires a lot more work and time, but the result can be absolutely amazing.

Another option for backsplash designs is choosing ceramic or stone tiles that you like and coordinate. You can create a mix and match pattern using the tiles. If you want something brighter than the natural stone or ceramic, you can do the same with glass tile. Glass tile colors are generally much brighter and more vibrant. They also come in a greater variety.

When creating a backsplash, you want to bring in other colors from the bathroom, but it does not have to match perfectly. The backsplash can be the access wall in the kitchen or bathroom. You can choose coordinating colors or opposite colors. You may have a primary black and white kitchen and choose to the back splash in a bright red or green. There is no real right or wrong way to choose colors or designs.

You may also decide to use the same tile you use elsewhere in the room, so the backsplash just blends into the space. There is nothing that says the backsplash has to stand out. If you are remodeling to resell the home, you may want to look through current home decorating magazines to get a feel for what is popular and choose something along those lines. If you are remodeling the room just for you, it is best to choose backsplash designs what will make you happy in the space.

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