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Your parents aren’t getting any younger and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to get around. Although still very much independent and capable, your elderly parents are at risk for falling, especially while bathing. How serious is the risk? Take a look at these facts.

Annual Fall Statistics for Seniors

  • 50% of seniors who are 80 years old will suffer from a fall
  • approximately 33% of seniors age 65 will fall
  • 87% of the broken bones and fractures seniors experience are caused by falling
  • 50% of falls happen at home and 70% of those falls happen in the bathroom

As you can see, the risk of falling is quite real. However, you can help to reduce your parents’ risk by replacing their traditional bathtub with a walk in bathtub. Walk in bathtubs with shower attachments provide some big safety benefits for your aging parents.

Easy Access

For many seniors, it’s quite difficult to step in and out of the tub. Traditional bathtubs typically have high sides, which present a tripping obstacle. Additionally, slips and falls can occur when the tub is wet and your parent loses balance while trying to step over the side.

Walk in bathtubs with shower attachments eliminate this hazard. There are no bathtub sides for your parent to step over. Instead, the walk in tub, which sits much higher than a normal tub, has a door that opens for easy access. You parent simply opens the door and walks right in.

No Standing or Prone Sitting Required

Seniors with mobility issues often find it difficult to stand for long periods of time, such as those required to take a shower. It is also quite difficult for many seniors to lift themselves out of a bathtub once seated in the prone position. Both of these problems can lead to falls.

Walk in baths do not require your parent to stand or to sit in a prone position. These tubs feature in shower seating, which makes taking a bath or shower as easy as sitting in a chair.
Seniors who prefer showers can benefit from a walk in tub shower combo, that features a hand-held shower head. Walk in bathtubs with shower attachments can also be used from a mounted position if your parent prefers. No matter which option your parents prefer, they will find bathing and showering much easier and you can feel better about helping them to reduce their risk of a bathroom fall.

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