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Living in suburban Kansas is wonderful. You have a nice house and a large green lawn. Oh wait, that’s right, your lawn isn’t looking so great lately is it? Don’t worry, your lawn can be restored to its former green glory– if you follow these three lawn care tips.

Water is Essential

If you aren’t currently using a sprinkler system to water your lawn, your grass could very well be dehydrated. Your grass needs at least 1-2 inches of water every week. During the hot summer months, more water may be required to keep your lawn healthy.

Obviously,it’s not feasible to water your entire lawn by hand. That would take far too long, but that’s just one reason why you need a professional to complete your sprinkler system installation. You see, any old watering system just won’t do.

To grow properly and maintain a lush, green appearance, your lawn needs a thorough and complete soaking, one that penetrates at least half a foot into the soil. This ensures that the roots of your grass stay moist and well nourished.
Most importantly, your lawn needs even watering, that’s automated to ensure a watering session is never forgotten. Sprinkler system installation in your yard means that your lawn is adequately watered at precisely the right time of day. Additionally, your lawn can receive the vital water it needs to grow and thrive with this type of automated sprinkler system.

It’s no secret that a sprinkler system is the best way to provide the water your lawn desperately needs. In fact, billions of gallons of water are used every day throughout the U.S. to keep neighborhood lawns lush and green.

Eradicate Pests

You probably don’t realize it, but there’s a battle raging under your lawn. Every day, pests like grub worms (the larval stage of Japanese and other beetle types) are feasting on the roots of your grass. These hungry pests are responsible for the dead, brown patches of grass in your yard. Given enough time and no intervention, pests like these will kill your entire lawn.

To successfully combat grub worms and other lawn pests, you’re going to need to seek out professional lawn care services. These professionals can examine your lawn and soil, uncover the pests that are killing your grass, and offer you several ways to combat the dastardly little insects. Pesticides are an obvious choice—more than 30,000 tons are used ever year to kill lawn pests. However, your local lawn care companies can give you other other options, such as milky spore powder, which uses bacterial warfare on invasive lawn pests.

Feed Your Lawn

While it’s true that your lawn needs water to grow it also needs to be well fed. Fertilizers can replace key soil nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, that enable your grass shoots to grow healthy and strong. These nutrients are also responsible for aiding your grass in the process of making chlorophyll, without which your grass cannot process the water, sunshine, and carbon dioxide it needs to sustain itself.

It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but utilizing these three tips will bring your lawn back from the brink of death. Well fed, well watered (thanks to your sprinkler system installation), and pest free, your lawn can once again be the lush, green envy of your neighbors.
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