Commercial propane service

Propane fuel is a versatile energy source used by more than 9 million families in their homes for furnaces, water heaters, cooktops, outdoor grills, fireplaces, generators, and other appliances. Propane is a clean, cost efficient fuel, and a reliable energy solution. As many as 8.1 million households use propane services, and 4.6% of these homes use propane fuel as their main heating source.
If you are considering heating your home with propane, you should start by checking out your service options.

Four Questions to Ask When Choosing a Propane Supplier

  1. Do you offer automatic delivery?
    Some propane companies have a delivery schedule to prevent the customer from running out of gas completely, while others require you to keep up with your propane levels and call them when you need another delivery. You may prefer one delivery service over the other. Some companies allow you to choose which delivery service you would prefer.
  2. Do you charge rent for the tank?
    Most propane customers use a tank provided by the gas company. Very few gas companies will bring you propane if you own your own tank unless you pay a heavy premium. It is generally best to rent a tank as opposed to owning one. There are many maintenance concerns involved with a propane tank, and those issues are better left to professional gas technicians. Find out how much they charge for rent.
  3. Do you have a minimum usage requirement?
    Some propane companies will require you to purchase a certain amount of gas in order to cover the cost of service. Find out what the minimum usage is.
  4. What sort of payment options do you offer?
    Find out which credit cards they accept. Will they provide the same level or service for customers who pay cash as opposed to credit? The key is to find a company that offers the most flexibility.

It is not always wise to select a propane supplier simply based on cost. Make sure you choose a company with excellent customer service and total transparency regarding their policies.

What other questions do you recommend asking when searching for a high quality gas supplier? Feel free to post in the comments section below.

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