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With the high cost of many home improvement projects, it is only logical that you and many other homeowners want to take these tasks on yourselves From painting a room to building a shed, there are a number of effective ways to be kind to your budget while also giving your house the attention it needs. However, some home improvement projects can put you, your family and your home at risk if you try to take the DIY route. Read on to learn about the jobs you should definitely leave to the professionals.

Electric and Wiring Work
There’s a reason your homeowners insurance likely warns you that electrical work or repairs must be performed by an electrician: your home’s electrical wires are the most complex and dangerous system in your house. You could not only give yourself a serious shock, but also cause a fire, release toxic fumes, or damage your appliances. Electricians have been specially trained to avoid these problems and create a working electrical system to boot, making electrical services a smart investment in your home’s safety and function.

While simple repairs and projects, like replacing a shower faucet or fixing a small leak, are fine and perfectly achievable, something bigger could lead to serious complications. For example, installing a toilet or new sink could cause serious problems with your sewage and damage the structure of your home. And if that wasn’t bad enough, these issues could void your insurance or provide reasonable grounds for your neighbors to sue. Save money you might waste defending yourself a civil suit: call a plumber.

Tree Removal Services
So you have a rotting tree in your yard and you’ve looked up a bunch of tree stump removal tips online. In order to successfully complete the tree removal process, you’ll still need to rent special equipment and take several weeks to make sure it doesn’t land on your house, or worse, your neighbor’s. A tree removal company can take down an entire tree, stump and all, in a single weekend for a much smaller price, and with less danger to you and your loved ones. Leave the tree stump removal tips in your browser history and call some tree removal contractors.

Structural Remodeling
It’s one thing if you want to use your construction skills to add a porch or a deck to your home, and a completely different topic to install your own windows or knock down a wall. Not only will these tasks typically require special tools, but you can damage your plumbing, electrical system and more, as pipes and wires can be difficult to pinpoint. Even if you finish your project without major problems, you still might notice sagging ceilings or other problems in the long run. Before you start that addition, find a contractor.

As a homeowner, you are likely perfectly capable of making a change to your house, whether you want to redecorate your interior or fix up the exterior. However, some tasks are simply too dangerous and expensive to complete on your own, and can result in long-lasting damage to your home. Forget the tree stump removal tips and leave the electrical equipment at the store: leave the projects on this list to the pros.

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