The full AC and heating inspection procedure may only last for an hour at the most. Professionals may spend more time inspecting an intricate air conditioner and ventilation system, but they still won’t usually need more than 90 minutes. If the system needs any refrigerant, the HVAC technicians may need to work for another 35 minutes or so.

Customers may need to replace their air conditioning units and furnace systems on the same day. If that’s the case, then technicians will usually need hours to start and finish the AC and heating installation process. Belt replacements and similar AC repair jobs may last for a few consecutive hours. Air conditioning systems that have been making loud noises may just need new belts.

AC system repairs involving leaks can be time-consuming. Leaks in certain locations are more difficult to repair. Air conditioning systems that aren’t able to cool buildings consistently enough might have coolant leaks, which often cause temperature fluctuations. If the ductwork in the building is the true underlying problem, addressing the issue will often take days. Ductwork problems in larger buildings can be particularly complicated. Customers can check an air conditioner website to see which local technicians have experience with ductwork repairs.

Maintaining a home involves a range of expenses, both big and small, and may or may not be planned for events. For families operating on what always seems to be an insufficient income, budgeting for these bills can be a source of stress and anxiety, and the search for ways to reduce the drain on funds is constant. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC, is one area in particular that inspires much rumination on ways to save money. Functioning properly, an HVAC system is responsible for a large portion of the monthly utility bill. Worse, when it stops working, the bill for HVAC repair can be crippling, and that’s just the financial aspect, not including the stress from going through listings of companies, separating residential from commercial air conditioning repair and price checking each and every option. To reduce the monthly bill and help prevent an unexpected failure, regular maintenance is the key. Here are four maintenance tips to help keep heating and air conditioning costs down.

  1. Change the Filter: It is recommended that an HVAC filter should be changed every 3 months, at least. Not only will this keep cost down, changing the filter also drastically reduces the allergens, dust and dirt being circulated in the air throughout the house. This is a relatively easy and cheap task, but many homeowners still forget or put it off, often leading to much higher cost later on.
  2. Check For Debris: This only relates to outdoor systems, during Autumn, Spring and Summer, it needs to be done every week. After all, how can the system run correctly if parts of a tree are interfering and getting stuck inside of it?
  3. Clear the Condensate: This sounds complicated, but all that needs to be done is mix a cup of bleach with water and pour it down the air conditioning condensate drain. It will prevent a clog from mold and algae, and only needs to be done once a year.
  4. Get It Checked: This part can be more frustrating, especially the first time, but it is an opportunity to wade through the mess of residential and commercial air conditioning repair companies before an emergency limits available time. Find a quality heating and air conditioning service and have them check your system once a year. In an industry with almost 85,500 businesses with around 301,000 employees, there should be one that suits every consumers needs. 

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