Water heater repair

Every home owner has experienced a toilet that has become clogged, or an annoying leaky faucet. Small problems that can be fixed by a quick trip to a home improvement store are part and parcel of being responsible for the maintenance of one’s living space (apartment dwellers may be able to shove the responsibility off onto a maintenance team). Barring a water leak that floods the house, how does one determine when the time has come to seek out quality plumbing services?
If you think that not calling a professional plumber will somehow save you some money, keep in mind that experts estimate the average American home could save about 10% on their water bill. How? By fixing (correctly, mind you) simple household leaks.

A Professional Plumber is More Than a Toilet Plumber.

Toilet repairs are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when someone asks where they can find quality plumbing services. And with good reason: coming up second after plumbing supply line failure, leaky toilets are the biggest cause of residential water losses. If the toilet is losing water, it may be that the bowl is cracked; or there may be an obstruction in the P-trap.

The Pipes Cannot Be Leaking That Much Water, Can They?

Five to 10% of homes in the U.S. leak as much as 90 gallons every day. To put that number into perspective, some estimate the average U.S. household uses 90 gallons each day. So up to 10% of homeowners use up to twice the amount of water that other homes do, and half of that amount is not even used; it is leaked away a drop at a time.

If your home is flooded from a burst pipe, it is likely you will call the first plumber that answers. But quality plumbing services are not only for emergencies. A professional knows what plumbing problems may not be obvious to the casual observer. If it is possible to avoid an emergency by being well prepared before hand, it is well worth the time and money.

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