At least a month before your move is your time to get motivated. Call movers, get estimates, clear your schedule for the next three to four weekends as best you can (knowing that you probably also will have goodbye parties to attend and friends to give hugs to before you officially move). You will fit it all in somehow, but only if everything major is settled with at least a month to spare.

Three weeks prior to the move, start packing up rooms one at a time. Put a few empty boxes into each major room, like bedrooms, bathrooms, play rooms, guest bedrooms and bonus rooms. Each time you go into the room, throw a few more items in there. This way, you do it slowly but more meticulously, not rushed to get rid of anything but rushed enough to show the urgency of the fact that you will be moving soon. Oh, and do not forget to fill out necessary forms at the post office.

Two weeks before the move, take major pieces of furniture apart, finalizing your agreement with the professional moving company you have selected, call on utilities to have serviced turned off (and then on at your new place, if applicable), and make sure all important papers and documents are tucked safely away. Having this information handy will come in, well, handy as you go through the motions of your move. Important documents also should go with you on moving day, just in case the truck breaks down or you need fast access to it after the move.

One week prior to your move, confirm every detail of it with movers and anyone else you need verification with before the big day. Also create and detail a plan of action for the day itself, even if the move is being done just by you. If the entire family is involved, then delegate responsibilities for the big day. Get everyone excited so all are on board for the tough tasks that lie ahead.

On the date of your move, walk the movers through your home even if they already have done so during the initial consultation (they may not fully remember it). Turn everything off at the house before you lock up the doors. And of course, do a thorough run through with the entire family so several pairs of eyes are watching for anything that might have been left behind.

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