One thing that many homeowners might hear about is the dangers of radon gas. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re probably wondering “What is radon gas and why do I need to be concerned about it?” As it turns out, radon is something you should definitely be concerned about because it is a radioactive gas that is generated when naturally occurring uranium breaks down in the soil. This has the potential to become a serious problem if the uranium is located underneath a house. Radon in your home can be immensely dangerous and it’s important to make your home as safe from radon as possible. This article will look at three ways you can make your home safe from radon gas.

  • Sump Pump Installation and Mitigation: One way to make your home safe from radon gas is to have a sump pump installed that mitigates any radon that could come up into your home through that opening. Knowing what is radon gas and how it moves through the ground, it makes sense to do this with your sump pump. By covering the hole that the sump pump is sitting in, the entry of radon gas into your home from that way can be limited.
  • Seal any Cracks in the Foundation and Basement Walls: Another way to make your home safe from radon gas is to seal any cracks that can be found in the foundation of your home, as well as any cracks in the basement walls if you live in a home that has a basement. Since the foundation and basement are located underground, they can be one of the primary means of keeping radon gas out of your home. And if there are cracks in the foundation or the basement walls, that can provide an easy means of entry into the home for this dangerous gas. This is why any cracks should be caulked and sealed as quickly as possible.
  • Place Gravel under the Foundation Slab: Besides sealing any cracks in your foundation slab, another way to keep your home safe from radon gas is to have a layer of gravel placed underneath the foundation slab. This is done by drilling a hole through the foundation and depositing gravel underneath. This can also be done as a home is being built. The gravel serves as a means of radon mitigation and helps to stop the gas from progressing into the home.

In conclusion, it is very important to know what is radon gas and why it needs to be kept out of your home. Radon gas is a dangerous gas that comes from natural uranium breaking down in the soil and moving up into any homes built above it. Ways to keep radon out of the home include installing a sump pump with a cover to keep radon out, sealing any cracks in your homes foundation, and placing gravel under the home’s foundation slab. These are all ways to keep radon gas out of your home.

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