Radon gas is a serious threat to your home and the people that live in it. Radon abatement service can mitigate the threat and keep your family safe. It is estimated that one out of fifteen homes across the U.S. has radon levels in the home above Environmental Protection Agency safe levels. Radon abatement service removes radon gas from your home and prevents future build up.

Radon is Everywhere

A lot of people erroneously believe that radon is an isolated problem based on geography or home design, the fact is radon is not an isolated problem and is everywhere. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that normally floats up into the atmosphere where it is harmless. However, it can get trapped in structures and build-up, and become deadly. Radon has been identified as a cause of lung cancer.

No home is safe from radon buildup. Every home should be checked for this potentially deadly gas.

How Does Radon Mitigation and Abatement Work?

Many homeowners are not aware that the only way to determine if radon levels are at acceptable levels is to have professional radon gas testing done. Radon mitigation should not be done until you know what you are dealing with as far as the levels of gas trapped in your home.

Once the radon gas testing is completed then the radon mitigation and abatement can be done. There are some misconceptions about radon mitigation and abatement service does and how it works. Many homeowners are under the impression that radon abatement service is very expensive. It is not.

The Plan

Once unsafe levels of radon have been detected, the radon abatement service will construct a plan for your property to ensure that the problem is resolved and does not happen again. The plan will include ways to vent the house properly to ensure that radon can escape and disappear into the atmosphere.

The radon abatement service technician will go over your options with you and set dates to return and start the work. Depending on your house design, the technician may have several options for you to choose from.

Control What You Can

You cannot control every threat to your family’s health, but you can control the Radon threat in your home. Make your appointment today for radon testing and radon abatement service. Control what you can and sleep better at night.

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