A homeowner has a distinct advantage over those who rent their living space: they can hire remodeling contractors to modify and upgrade any hardware found in their house. This is a large market today, and many American homeowners, primarily older ones, spend a lot of money each year on remodeling work to improve their houses. These professional crews may use tools such as saw blades, power drills, staple guns, paint rollers, and more to install new hardware or refinish existing items. New cabinets might be built and installed, and saw blades allow workers to cut wood to make them and similar items. Saw blades may also cut plastic PVC pipes for the bathroom’s remodeling, too. And what is more, smaller home improvement jobs may be DIY for the homeowner, granted they have the skills and tools such as saw blades, drills, hammers, and others. This ranges from installing new cabinet latches or cabinet drawer slides all the way to adjustable wood shelf brackets to installing new lighting in a small kitchen. What might be the results of all this hard work?

Do It Yourself

For smaller projects, a handy homeowner may visit their local hardware shop to pick up new parts to remake their house in certain ways. A homeowner is unlikely to knock down a wall or put in a new stove or toilet alone, but a skilled homeowner can replace drawer sliders or handles, put in cabinet lighting, refinish wood, and even put up wall-mounted brackets or new shelves for storage. A homeowner may visit a local hardware store to find anything that they need, and store associates may help them get nails and screws, wood pieces, paint primer, drawer sliders or locks, drawer or cabinet handles, and more. Back at home, the homeowner may then carefully unscrew or pry off old hardware and install something new. This may make a cabinet, drawer, or other wooden item look fresh and like new, and new sliders may replace old ones that are jammed or slide poorly. If need be, locks can be installed on drawers or cabinets to keep dangerous items such as knives or lighters away from children. Homeowners may also sand down wooden surfaces and refinish them, and add new paint or wood stain for aesthetics.

Hiring a Remodeling Crew

Meanwhile, a more dedicated remodeling job requires that the homeowner hires a professional remodeling team, and such companies can be found in one’s local area online or by reference at a hardware store. Such crews are capable of remaking an entire room or even the whole house in one project, and around 35% of all home remodeling jobs involve the entire house. A team may include a floor expert, a wood worker, a plumber, an electrician, and more to handle any job. Every year, such crews remodel over 10 million kitchens and even more master bathrooms every year. Most often, it is older homeowners who hire these contractors, as these older Americans tend to move less often and thus would rather invest more in their current property. They’ve also had more time to save up money for such projects.

Young or old, a homeowner may expect a total transformation of any given room, with the kitchen and master bathroom being the most popular rooms to remodel like this. In the kitchen, old tiles can be removed and new ones can be put down or a fresher and more appealing look. Meanwhile, wood workers may refinish or repaint cabinet doors to refresh them, or even replace them entirely. A plumber can swap out the sink for a newer model, and other experts may remove the stove (especially gas-powered ones) and put in a fresh new model with more features. Even the fridge might find itself replaced. Finally, these experts may remove the old counter top and put in a tough but attractive model made of granite or marble.

Bathroom remodeling involves not only the floor tiles or wall paint, but also replacing old plumbing features with newer ones that are typically low-flow models. Such new toilets, sinks, and bath tubs are not only fresh and new, but save on water in the long run. This lowers the water bill and eases strain on freshwater sources.

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