Hvac repair

It might sound that a new air conditioning unit could save you money. Homeowners are often unaware at the hidden costs that come with older air conditioning units. In many cases, older units operate at a lower state of efficiency than newer models. The main area a homeowner pays these costs is through their monthly utility bills. However, there is a way to have freedom from costly utility bills. An air conditioning service can typically have a new unit installed in about a day. In this post, you will learn the benefits of installing a new air HVAC system in your home.

  • Newer Systems are Energy Efficient: An older air conditioning unit uses more power than most newer units. Air conditioning units that are at or over 10 years old will benefit highly from a new unit. Research shows that homeowners can save 20 percent on their energy bills by using by having a new HVAC unit installed. Many homeowners are amazed at the reduction of their monthly heating and air conditioning costs with a new unit installed.
  • Finding Leaks in Ducts: A duct runs all throughout your home. Over time, many ducts develop leaks that range in size. Smaller leaks can cause small losses of cooling power over time. However, a larger leak could be extremely costly. Large leaks mean running an air conditioner longer which increases utility bills. Making matter worse, AC units with large enough leaks may never be able to properly cool a home. Having a new air conditioning unit installed is a great time to have your ducts checked for any leaks. Research shows that leaking ducts can take out nearly 20 to 40 percent of the energy out of an AC unit.
  • Professionally Installed HVAC Unit: It is not common for a homeowner to be able to spot air conditioning leaks. An air conditioner repair company is often called out to fix work done by others. You never want to be the homeowner with an improperly installed air conditioning unit. Having a new AC unit setup means having peace of mind that comes with a professional installation. A professionally installed unit from an HVAC repair company means peace of mind.
  • Fewer Calls for Routine Maintenance: Homeowners with older air conditioning units are known to make frequent repair calls. Older AC units don’t just create large utility bills, they mean many maintenance bills. One inspiration for homeowners getting a new air conditioner is to cut back on the constant need for service calls. Research shows that people have their AC unit regularly maintained will have a home air conditioner that lasts 40 percent longer than normal. Having to call an HVAC repair company all of the time is no way to live.
  • Allows for Increased Climate Customization: Technology has drastically improved the way an HVAC system operates. Older systems only allow for a central temperature to be set within the home. Newer air conditioning units allow for certain zones of a home to be temperature controlled. One common burden of homes without newer HVAC systems is cold or warm rooms within a home.
  • In closing, a new air conditioning unit can save a homeowner quite a bit on their utility bills. Older air conditioning units usually use more power to effectively cool a home. The power needed to run an older air conditioner is reflected on a utility bill. Many HVAC repair companies know the burdens faced by homeowners with old AC systems. Having a new AC unit installed is a great way to check for errors from previous work. Leaking ducts are one of the biggest contributors to lost cooling areas within a home. Having an HVAC repair company install a new air conditioner means not having to make constant maintenance. Installing a new air conditioning unit is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make.

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