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Water is an essential part of our planet’s well-being, and it is necessary for human life. All around the world organizations are focused on providing clean drinking water to communities that don’t have it, and even in the United States we need to be concerned with storing large supplies of clean drinking water should something happen to the regular supply. Water storage tanks and wells are important ways for storing water in areas where there is not an ample supply of drinking water. While some people may use these different water storage methods only in the event of an emergency, some rely on them for their everyday needs.

Water Storage Tanks

There are two general types of water storage tanks: ground water tanks and elevated tanks. A ground water tank is specially designed to be stored beneath the surface of the ground. These tanks can be made of a number of different types of materials, from certain kinds of plastic to concrete, and also serve a number of purposes. Ground water tanks can be used to collect rainwater, store potable drinking water and can even store waste water. They are becoming a more popular addition to homes and can be installed with the help of well digging services. Elevated tanks, on the other hand, are designed to be stored above ground. Also often referred to as water towers, these water storage tanks are usually very large and can hold enough water to supply an entire town.


The concept of groundwater wells has been around for centuries, and it is still commonly used today. Wells are designed to tap into underground aquifers to retrieve drinking water. Water can either be brought to the surface with a pump or manually with a bucket and pulley system. There are three common types of wells, including dug wells, driven wells and drilled wells. The difference between the three is the method used to excavate them. Dug wells are the most basic way to make a well, but they cannot go very deep. While these types of wells can be dug by hand, the best well digging services use machines to speed up the process. Driven wells are created by driving a pipe into the ground. They cannot be made very deep, and they are more susceptible to contamination. Drilled wells require the use of well drilling services to blast through hard surfaces and drill a hole very deep in the ground. Because they go so deep, sump pump installation is required to bring water to the surface.

Many areas in the United States enjoy access to springs to provide the with fresh and safe drinking water, however this is not the case in most parts of the world. Both water storage tanks and wells provide people with a safe way to access and store drinking water. For more about this, go here.

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