How to install rolled roofing

Your roof is getting old. It’s served you well for the past 25 years, but now there are valleys of missing shingles, and the ones that are still there are curling and buckling. Time to face the facts — you need a roofer.

Unfortunately, not all roofing repair contractors are alike. Some will do a great job at a fair price, while others will overcharge for sub-standard work. If you want to find a roofer who’s worth their wage, there are a few things you need to look for.

Here are a few such things to watch for when you need a roofer.

Contact the Better Business Bureau.

Back in 2011, the Better Business Bureau received over 3.3 million inquiries from consumers who were looking for reputable roofers, which made it the most inquired industry in the Better Business Bureau’s system. Follow the example set by these savvy consumers, and call the better business bureau up yourself if you need a roofer. They’ll be able to tell you if any roofer has had a history of complaints, and what those complaints were.

Check Their Licensing and Insurance.

In most states, roofing contractors can’t do business without a license. These laws safeguard consumers from inexperienced roofers. It’s also important to ask about their insurance. If they get hurt while working on your roof, you may be liable to pay for their injuries if they don’t have it.

Ask For References.

If the roofing contractors do a good job, then they’ll naturally have satisfied, previous customers. Just know that the roofing contractors will most likely give you a list composed of only happy clients who will assure you that if you need a roofer, you should go with them. These contractors may have had other past clients who were less than satisfied and would tell you to go with someone else. All this being said, you can check out the roofs of these references and see for yourself whether they did a good job or not.

Remember, choosing the right roofing repair company is about as important as choosing the right types of roofing materials. If you need a roofer, be sure to thoroughly vet them before letting them do your roof replacement, or you may find yourself overpaying for shoddy work. If you have any questions about the things to look for when you need a roofer, feel free to ask in the comments. Read this for more.

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