Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should be a space that perfectly suits your style. If you are wondering how to freshen up a bedroom to transform your bedroom into your personal oasis, then you have come to the right place. You do not need to completely revamp your bedroom and invest a ton of money to create a space that you love. Follow these suggestions about how to freshen up a bedroom to create your very own sanctuary at home.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom by Cleaning and Decluttering

A highly organized bedroom will help you to enjoy the space more. One of the key steps to freshening up a bedroom is to clean it and declutter it. Things can pile up quickly in your bedroom and make it feel much smaller than it is, and make you feel like you just do not want to be in there. Invest in some organizational tools to keep everything neat and tidy. Clean the space from top to bottom, starting with the ceiling fans and working your way down. Remove spider webs and other debris from the corners of the room.

This is also a good time to address any pest problems. Bed bug infestation is on the rise in the United States. Bed bug removal by a professional is the only way to get rid of the problem.

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, contact a bed bug exterminator ASAP. There is no shame in having bed bugs. It is a common problem that can easily be rectified. If you wake up with little bite marks every morning, there is a good chance that you have bed bugs. It is very common in big cities or in the homes of people that travel a lot.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom By Refreshing Your Flooring

You do not have to do a complete flooring replacement to freshen up your bedroom. One of the key answers to how to freshen up a bedroom is to have a professional carpet cleaning service clean your carpets. Professional carpet cleaning services will get your carpets deep down clean, and make your whole room feel cleaner.

What if you do not have carpeting and you have hardwood floors that are scuffed up and damaged? That is easy. Learn how to freshen up a bedroom with a hardwood service company. A flooring service company that can repair and refinish hardwood floors can be an affordable answer to how to freshen up a bedroom when the hardwood floors are old.

Professional wood floor refinishing can restore your hardwood floors to new condition. Add an area rug to bring in some warmth to the room and you are well on your way to creating an amazing space that has a great aesthetic.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom With Paint

Painting your bedroom is a great way to freshen things up. The right color of paint can transform your space into a space that will reflect your personality. Painting your bedroom is a great way to stylize the space and give it a fresh, clean feeling.

You can choose a color that is soothing or choose something bright. Painting can be a great way to express your personality. Painting your bedroom will instantly revamp the look of your bedroom and can help you to create the perfect backdrop for everything else in your bedroom.

Painting your bedroom is an easy DIY project that you can do in a weekend. You can paint your bedroom for under $200 and the results can be transformative. If you have never painted before, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you to learn how to paint.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom With Windows That Are Stuck

If your vision of the perfect bedroom retreat includes a sheer curtain billowing from the breeze of an open window, then you may have to put some effort into ensuring you can open your windows. Old windows can be problematic. They often “stick” or are too dangerous to open. Of course, old windows also let cold and hot air in while they let your indoor climate-controlled air out.

It can be very affordable to have a new window install done. New windows pay for themselves in energy savings. According to the Department of Energy, about 30% of your heating and cooling costs can be attributed to old faulty windows and doors.

A window supplier will have affordable solutions for window replacement. Window replacement can be a great option for how to freshen up a bedroom and the whole house. You can really make some changes with a solar window that will convert the natural sunlight into energy for you. Learn more about how window replacement can save you money and improve the value of your home.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom With Window Treatments

To freshen up a bedroom you have to give window treatments some thought. This is largely a personal decision. There are a few things you should consider to ensure that you are choosing the right window treatment to freshen up your bedroom.

First consider how important privacy is to you. If your bedroom is on the first-floor level, then privacy should be a priority. You do not want nosey neighbors peering in while you are sleeping. Window blinds are a great solution for both privacy and light control. Blinds can be adjusted with the flick of a wand to open or close them.

Many people choose to layer their window treatments to get a custom design look. For example, they have sheers and drapes hanging together. The drapes can be pulled close to keep out light and left open to reveal the sheer curtains underneath and to let more light in.

Shades are also a good option, either as a stand-alone treatment or as a part of a layered treatment. Most people prefer their bedroom to be a place where they can go to get some rest. The right window treatment can ensure that when you want to take that afternoon nap you can enshroud the bedroom in darkness. Black-out drapes are a very popular option for the bedroom. They block out the light of day. You may be thinking that black-out drapes are only available in black but they come in a wide range of colors.

Choosing the right window treatment is a very important step in the process of freshening up your bedroom. Look to online resources for inspiration.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom By Cleaning the Mattress

How many times a month do you vacuum your mattress? If you are like most people, the answer is never. Of course, if you have had to call the bed bug professional in to get rid of the bed bugs, you likely have already cleaned your mattress out of necessity. According to the Good Sleep Foundation, you should be vacuuming your mattress at least once a month.

Dust mites live in every mattress. They feast on skin cells that have been shed. Refreshing your mattress with a quick wipe-down and vacuuming will keep these mites under control and instantly make your mattress a nicer place to sleep. Of course, you should replace your mattress about every eight years to ensure you are getting the support you need while you rest.

Cleaning up a mattress is easy. Sprinkle a little baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for about 30 minutes, then go over the mattress with the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and vacuum the mattress thoroughly.

How to Freshen up a Bedroom With New Linen

Once you have cleaned your mattress it is time to change out your linens. This is an easy part of refreshing your bedroom. Bed sheets are a great way to add interest to your room and define the style in your room.

Bedsheets and blankets are a focal point to your bedroom space. A fresh set of high-quality bedding can be a game changer for any bedroom. Investing in good quality sheets is a great way to freshen things up and can help you to get a good night’s sleep.

There are so many colors and patterns to choose from that there literally is something for everyone. The bedding in your bedroom is an essential part of creating a great space to rest.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom With Lighting

Lighting can be a critical role in how you feel about your bedroom. Flex lighting to create different use spaces in your bedroom can help you to create a space where you can get ready in the mornings, a nook for reading, and low lights for the evening when you are getting ready to sleep. The right lighting can have a profound effect on the ambiance of your bedroom.

At a minimum, every bedroom should have side table lamps. Lamps are not only a great source of light but they add style to your bedroom. Stick with neutral-toned lamps because it will make it easier to change out the bedding in your room down the road when you tire of your bedding style.

Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom can freshen things up nicely. Consider the things you do in your bedroom, like reading or applying makeup, then install lighting that will enhance those tasks.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom With Scent

Up until now, all we talked about was mostly visual things you can change in your bedroom. However, how things look is only part of the equation of creating an oasis to sleep in. Scent plays an important role in how you feel about your bedroom. A fresh-smelling space that has hints of scents that you enjoy is essential.

Consider investing in a scent diffuser for your bedroom. Scent diffusers are safer than candles and can add just the right amount of scent to your bedroom. Most models are adjustable so you can control how much scent is added to the space. Some scents that come from natural oils can be helpful when it comes to relaxing. For example, lavender oil diffused with a scent diffuser can help you to relax. Lemon oil diffused with a scent diffuser can perk up your mood. Adding the right scent to your bedroom can help to refresh the space.

How To Freshen Up a Bedroom With Art

Choosing the right artwork for your bedroom is the final step in freshening up your bedroom. You do not have to spend a fortune on art to decorate your bedroom. You can create your own using your favorite family pictures. A small gallery wall of family photos looks great in a bedroom. Of course, if family photos are not your thing, there are other types of inexpensive art that you can use to decorate your bedroom.

Metal wall hangings can look great in a bedroom. Tapestries and other soft wall hangings also add a comforting vibe to the bedroom. Avoid a lot of small statues and other small pieces that can clog up shelves and tables. Stick with a few large pieces that you can hang on the wall to freshen things up and add to the style of your bedroom.

There are simple ways that you can transform your bedroom into a place you are always happy to come home to. Follow a few of these tips and you will be on your way to creating a space that is all your own and that you feel good about. You deserve to have a space that beckons to you and that you enjoy being in. It will improve your sleep and help you to fully relax.

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