A vented range hood removes smoke, cooking odors, heat, and moisture. However, installing a vent hood can be a complex process. Watch this video for an illustration of the vent hood installation process.

The vent hood installation process begins by tracing the outline of the hood on a panel.

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You should then locate the hood’s center point and mounting holes before cutting the cardboard outline. Fix the hood against the mounting area and mark the venting holes and fastener’s locations. Working with an assistant is important to make the vent hood installation process more manageable.

Mark where the cable and duct holes should go. Choose the vent location, either straight up or straight out. Using a hole or reciprocating saw, cut a hole across the drywall—drill holes at the corners across the exterior wall. Locate the holes outside the home and connect them with a marker to outline where the vent hole will be. Cut along the outline, remove the insulation and siding from the duct area, and mount the duct’s wall cap in the hole. Ensure the duct reaches the vent hood. Apply caulk along the siding areas, screw, and secure the cap to complete the vent installation process.

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