In this video, you will learn about stump grinding. You are going to want to start with the property safety features. Ear and eye protection is very important.

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Investing in the good ear and eye protection can save your life. Also, wearing shoes that are solid on the toe can help you from destruction to your feet. In this video, he is working with red oak tree stumps. There are different ways to grind stumps. The way you charge for a removal service is up to you as a contractor, but you want to be consistent with the way you charge. He charges $3 per inch. Depending on the contractor you use, this may vary. Also, this can depend on the type of machinery that is used. Where you live will also depend on cost. Where things are cheaper like the midwest, it would be cheaper to remove a stump. Things are different depending on where you live. It is a good idea to do research into the cost of tree stump grinding in your area. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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