Winter is coming and it is worth the time and effort to maintain your plumbing and heating in your home. Could you imagine the nightmare you would have to face if you lived in a cold climate and had no heat or hot water in your house for your family. Regular maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars on costly repairs and replacements or major damages caused by pipe explosions or gas line repairs.

Water pipes can burst in any home, and if this does happen to you it can be devastating. These pipes bursting can cause major flood damage in your home as well as your yard. This creates a huge mess that you will be responsible for taking care of as a homeowner. If you’re not properly insured you can be facing thousands of dollars coming out of your pocket. And even if you are insured these repairs can take months of disruption. If you happen to find water in your basement you should call a plumber right away and then your insurance broker. If you find water built up in your yard and you can’t figure out where its coming from it is best to call the city to come and test the water. Someone up the road from you may have a leak coming in your yard that requires Water pipe repair. Having someone come in and take a look at your pipes to ensure there are no issues will save you a fortune and a headache in the end.

If you happen to live in a home with natural gas you can face problems with gas leaks. The gas is scented like rotten eggs so you will be well aware there is such a leak in your home. Having someone come in for a gas line repair can be slightly invasive but it is much better to be safe as natural gas is highly explosive. Keeping your gas lines well maintained will ensure your home is ready for the winter season. If ever find yourself needing to dig in your yard be sure to check with the city to tell you where all your gas lines are located so you don’t accidentally hit one creating a leak that requires gas line repair.

If you live in an older home with poor insulation or a super cold climate you can have your pipes freeze. Frozen pipe repair is slightly easy to deal with but it is always best to seek out a professional. If you plan on leaving the home to go on winter holidays or vacation try to leave a small trickle of water running from your sink to ensure the water doesn’t freeze and keeps on flowing. If you have a water pipe outside for your hose it is important to remember to turn the water off to that pipe to ensure the pipe doesn’t freeze and burst. You won’t even notice until next spring when you go to use the outside hose or tap but when you turn on the water you could have a burst pipe that will be leaking and spraying water out wherever the pipe is hiding in your home.

Keep your eyes on your water bills as well because a slight drip from a faucet or toilet that lingers in flush mode to long can cost you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills. Take a day to go through your home and check your faucets and toilets and make sure everything is in order. This may be the push you need to install more water efficient appliances in your home as well. It takes six and a half gallons of water to flush the toilet one time.

These small plumbing and heating tips will ensure your not stuck with gas line repair or pipes freezing during the stressful winter months. Maintain your home and it will be good to you for years to come.

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