Concrete contractor st. paul mn

It is the million dollar question: how do I make my house look like a diamond on a lump-of-coal budget? If you need to get your house sparkling to turn a quick profit, there are all kinds of quick fixes that increase value. One often underestimated approach is focusing outside rather than in. If you want to drive buyers to your place, think long and hard about curb appeal.

The first and simplest way to amp up your curb appeal is to take a look at your side walks and driveway. If things aren’t looking newly updated, buyers are automatically wondering how much work it will to coordinate with concrete contractors to repair concrete driveway or make a sidewalk look new again. Save yourself and your buyers the hassle by addressing those issues before you put your home on the market. Stick with generic concrete stamps and cement stain to ensure mass appeal and watch while people driving by start to really notice your for sale sign.The average cost of a driveway installation is $3,500, but it could be worth it if you can attract higher level buyers.

Landscaping is also a big win in terms of curb appeal. But that doesn’t mean you have to break your back. Instead of planting an intricate, hard to maintain garden, try planting one large and healthy tree. Buyers will swoon at a nice, well maintained, strong tree.

A properly installed and maintained concrete paver driveway can be expected to last 25 to 50 years.A new tree could last hundreds. When you repair concrete driveway and plant a nice big tree, you are attracting just the kind of home owners who can give your home what it deserves.

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