Concrete flooring is a resistant and affordable way to add comfort and elegance to your home or workplace. Check out these outstanding tips to learn more about industrial floor coatings and how they can improve your surroundings while adding a resistant layer to your property.

Polish your concrete floor

Polishing a concrete floor adds a shiny, brand-new look to your surroundings. Moreover, a cream polished concrete floor can make your workspace or living room look aesthetic and elegant while being a hard, concrete floor. Talk with a flooring professional about varnish concrete and concrete floor samples to reshape your home and add new concrete flooring.

The perfect flooring for events

Concert flooring is best if it has concrete or any hard, resistant material. Moreover, most workplaces that deal with heavy machinery and other tools require hardwood or concrete flooring to keep their operations running without compromising their floor.

Concrete flooring is an industrial and elegant way to keep your surroundings clean and well-protected. Moreover, if you want to learn more about flooring types and what’s best for your home, call a professional who can provide an evaluation of your property.

Many homeowners and business owners love concrete flooring for their easy maintenance. If you’re transitioning from vinyl or hardwood floors to concrete, you might think these floors sparkle with minimal upkeep. While concrete floors aren’t high maintenance, you’ll still want to stay on top of concrete floor coating and schedule concrete flooring services regularly to let your concrete floors shine. When you’re looking at polished concrete floor samples and exploring garage floor polished concrete options, you should know that they didn’t get that way on their own.

The debate around polished concrete vs vinyl flooring for a garage floor is common among homeowners and business owners. While there’s no right answer, if you love the appearance of polished concrete, that may be your best bet. Naturally, looks are only part of decision-making. You should also consider the time and effort you’ll put into cleaning and maintenance. While there’s no perfect, maintenance-free flooring choice, some types of flooring are more forgiving than others. Although you can put off concrete flooring services sometimes, it’s best to stay on schedule with maintenance. To learn more about the importance of properly sealing and coating concrete floors, let’s dive into the article below.

The option of sealing your laid concrete floor, though a bit expensive at the onset, can save you plenty of money in the long run. The annual precast concrete convention assessed different types of concrete floor finishes over time and determined that the majority of laid concrete floors will need some sort of repair in its lifetime. Therefore, instead of paying hefty charges for concrete repair services, it’s prudent to be proactive instead of being reactive. Repairing concrete floors is actually more tedious and pricier than preventing wear and tear in the first place. Another advantage of the concrete floor sealants is that they give your dark gray concrete floor a kind of “face lift.” That’s because the sealants help set the gray color, whether you opted for a matte finish or a shiny finish.

The finishing type depends on one’s taste and preferences. For example, polished concrete pavers are bound to give a major uplift to any dull backyard. If this sounds like a prospect that you would like to explore, precast concrete laying companies are often a dial away. All you need to do is type keywords like ” concrete mix bulk” and you will find the ones nearest to you.

Do you have concrete floors in your business? If you do, it?s important to take care of your floors. If you don?t, it could result in any number of accidents for yourself, your employees, or potential customers coming into the building. Don?t take the easy way out by letting your concrete floors go without proper maintenance, cleaning and concrete floor coating. It could end poorly for you and your company, along with anyone who is injured along the way.

Interested in learning more about how to treat your concrete floor to prevent accidents? Keep reading to find out how concrete floor coating and floor sealing can make your floors safer to walk on at all times.

Why You Need to Properly Coat and Seal Concrete Floors


You may be wondering why it?s so crucial to properly coat and seal your floors. It may seem like a technicality that will cost you money in the long run without any pay out. That?s truly not the case here. In fact, by taking the necessary precautions to make sure your concrete floors are safe, you could be saving a lot of money on worker?s compensation and hospital bills. You never know when an accident may occur, and it?s always better to be prepared ahead of time.

Accidents at work occur frequently in the United States. Every single year, companies end up paying around $70 billion when it comes to employees getting injured in the work space. Employers must help when it comes to compensation and medical costs when employees get injured while on the clock or in the work space.

Commercial floor coatings mdYou would probably be surprised to learn how many of these accidents are considered slip and falls. In actuality, slip and falls are the number one reason many industries have employee accidents. These industries range from hotels, to public buildings, to restaurants. All-in-all, when it comes to worker?s compensation, around 85% of the time that it is required, it?s due to a slip and fall on floors at work.

When an employee is injured at work, more than 20% of the time it requires the employee to be out of work for around a month. This means you have to offer compensation to them and find someone else to get the work done in their place. At the end of the day, it?s always a better idea to treat your floors properly to prevent these types of issues.

How to Properly Coat Concrete Floors


First, you must consider the size of your concrete floors and the conditions of the building where the floors are located. Then, you can find out how long it will take to add polyaspartic coatings to the concrete floors. Generally, adding the polyaspartic coatings can be completed in a day. There are other options like Epoxy, but Epoxy can take much longer to cure. It averages a cure time of six to eight hours.

Polyaspartic coatings are also better for air quality in the building. This type of coating is not known to negatively affect the building?s air quality. You wouldn?t want to harm your employees in another way while trying to prevent slip and falls.So, if you are trying to decide between polyaspartic coatings and epoxy, polyaspartic may be your best choice.

The best way to go about having your concrete floors coated is by calling a garage floor sealing companies or concrete floor sealing companies to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You could attempt to do it on your own, but there?s a lot at risk with this task. You want to ensure that your employees will be safe on these concrete floors. There?s no reason to leave that up to fate by doing the job on your own.

Have you ever had a slip and fall accident at your company? Was it related to concrete floors without the proper coating and sealing? Let us know in the comments about your experience with commercial floor coatings.

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