Millions of Americans have a disabilities that cause them to require assistance with daily activities, and the number of adults over 65 is expanding every day. Investing in handicap bathrooms is a great way to age in place and empower family members or visitors with disabilities.

But if your plan for accessible bathroom remodeling costs more than you can afford, you won’t get very far. Fortunately, there are ways to be strategic about handicap bathroom remodeling design. You don’t need to break the bank to go accessible.

Bathroom remodeling costs can vary widely based on what you need done. If you need a complete overhaul of your bathroom, bathroom remodeling costs can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars before you’re done with the project.

If you’re starting with a smaller bathroom, it’s likely to cost more to remodel it. Walls and doorways may need to be expanded to make room for a wheelchair to enter the room and rotate 360 degrees if necessary. Installing step-in tubs or walk-in showers can also come with a high price tag.

Smaller changes to strategic points of your bathroom won’t cost as much, however. Installing grab bars usually only costs $100-$300, depending on how many you want installed and what material they’re made of. Even a few grab bars near the toilet and in the shower can give a disabled person more independence.

While installing a larger ramp to a bathroom can cost anywhere from $1,000-$15,000, a small threshhold ramp may only cost you $100 if you just need that extra help to get through the door. Widening the doorways themselves costs anywhere from $500-$1,000, though it may be difficult or impossible if the structure of the home prevents this kind of remodel.

When you come up with ideas for bathroom remodeling, try to pick your battles strategically and work with the room you have. You could end up saving money while still creating a bathroom that’s accessible.
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