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The leaves have fallen; football season is more than halfway over; Thanksgiving is on the horizon; Christmas decorations are creeping into department stores; and the days have gotten much, much shorter. Yes, the cold months are nigh, which means homeowners need to get their chain link fences ready for winter.

Here are a few tips homeowners can use to prep their modern fences for the oncoming icy elements.

Rake Dead Leaves Away.

One of the first things homeowners need to do to get their privacy fences ready for winter is to rake the dead leaves away from their bases. If left there, the wet, damp leaves will trap moisture, causing metal house fences to rust.

Check For Exposed Areas.

Painted chain link fences should be checked over for flakes or exposed metal. These areas need to be covered up so that the chain link fence is protected against rust, which would cause them to weaken and breakdown Unpainted chain link fences should still also be rust proofed as well.

Clean Off Rust.

If chain link fences have already begun rusting, homeowners should use a wire brush to clean them off, and then seal and paint the formerly rusted area with a rust proof paint. It’s important to pay attention to chain link fences’ gate hinges, since the fences will become useless if the gate won’t latch. Homeowners need to make sure that their latches are clean, free of dirt, and completely rust free.

Using these tips, homeowners can prepare their fences for the oncoming winter elements. If they fail to properly winterize their fences, snow, ice, and the other blustery elements that come in the more frigid months of the year will take their toll, rending the fences broken and useless.

If you have any questions about winterizing metal fences, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more about this topic at this link: www.longfence.com

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