Retractable garage door screen

Let’s be honest. When a man and a women move in together, their home becomes the woman’s home. Even if the guy has lived there for years, it’s only a matter of time before it’s out with the Scarface posters and in with the throw pillows and scented candles.

No place is safe. The kitchen is obviously not your area, you never cared about the bathroom before, aside from the time you spent in their doing your business, and the living room now looks like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog.

When you’re going out of your mind, where can you go to find a place that’s all your own, to do man things in your own man space? The answer is obvious: You need a man cave. And there’s only one place in your house that your wife or girlfriend is unlikely to have any interest in: the garage.

IS your garage not even used for cars? Has it become more of a cluttered catch-all room full of junk? Well, clearing out all that junk gives you the perfect space to be your very own man-cave.

And you know those big garage doors? Open those up, and you’ll enjoy a great breeze, and not feel like you’re stuck inside. You would be wise to invest in a retractable screen door to cover that space and keep the critters out. There are many garage door screen kits available to fit your doors and keep any pests or insects from infiltrating your man cave.

And if you’re not the handiest of men, (shh, we won’t tell) you can rest easy, because these retractable screen doors are easy to install.

Once you’ve got your man space, you can fill it with whatever you’d like: a big-screen tv, a beer fridge, sports memorabilia, etc. You can paint it your favorite color, or your team’s colors, or leave it blissfully unpainted, knowing that it will make the woman in your life crazy. It’s your man cave, so it’s not her concern.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the breeze through your retractable screen door, without having to worry about keeping your feet off the furniture, or being suffocated by scented candles. More.

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