Pipe lining denver

A person’s yard can often act as a reflection on the owner’s personality. Because of this, many people put a lot of work into the appearance of their yard and landscaping which can require large amounts of work to build and maintain. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for problems to arise in a plumbing system that call for drain pipe repairs, usually requiring the need to dig down to the pipe’s location.

Problems with sewage and drainage pipes can arise from a large number of situations, which may come as a surprise considering they are located deep underground away from people and the elements. However, the roots of plants and trees can prove to be a silent killer. Most tree’s root systems grow to a depth of 12 to 36 inches below the surface but can extend horizontally up to two to three times the diameter of the tree’s canopy. These widespread systems of roots can intersect with the buried pipes, easily breaking and damaging them.

When a situation like this does occur, it’s important to conduct drain pipe repair immediately to avoid further damage to the yard or to the home. Because these problems need speedy resolutions, the solution usually involves quick excavation through the soil to find the break. However, there is now an alternative method of trenchless pipe replacement called cured in pipe placement that doesn’t require the same messy digging of conventional techniques but with the same speed and reliability.

Trenchless sewer repair is an expedited process which involves the need for one or two access holes, depending on the type of repair, in which specialized cables are fed through to either break up an old pipe or repair one with a relining for smaller cracks and leaks. While these methods can cost 30 to 50% more upfront than some cases of conventional digging, trenchless sewer line repair can still be more cost effective by avoiding the expense of repairing one’s yard.

Even if the finances are not as big of a concern for everyone, 73% of respondents from a poll on Angie’s List said they would pay more for drain pipe repair if it would preserve any existing landscaping or other outdoor features. There’s no need to tear apart the exterior of your home to repair what’s underneath.

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