Year after year, homes going under contract peak during the months of March, April, and May, with closed sales peak in gin May and June. Property owners who are serious about selling their homes understand that listing now will statistically give them the highest chance of selling quickly and for the most money.

Taking advantage of the inventory shortage and the traditionally active spring market, which begins in a few weeks, by finding realtors with vast skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience can help you get the most for your product. These same experienced realtors can help property owners evaluate their current homes. From finding issues that require residential foundation repair to helping you stage a home on so that it will sell better, it is important to work with a realtor with the most experience.

When Was the Last Time the Foundation of Your Home Was Inspected?

Often, when you work with a licensed and experienced realtor, they will provide you with a market analysis for free. Finding the right realtor can also help you get a real feel for the strengths and weaknesses of your home. If you discover that you need residential foundation repair, for example, the same realtor who helped you discover the problem can also help you find a solution. By connecting you with the right soil analysis, drainage services, and other kinds of services that can help you evaluate changes that you can make to your house so that you can help hold its value, or prepare to put it for sale on the market.

Depending on where a house is located, the kind of foundation that it has can vary. For instance, most homes in Texas that were built less than 50 years ago have a slab foundation. Other areas of the country, however, have pier and beam foundations that are far less reliable and stable. A pier and beam foundation has joists that are generally spaced approximately 18 inches apart, and the subfloor in a pier and beam foundation is at minimum, one half inch plywood, which supports the house. Working with an experienced realtor can help you understand the best way to have your property be in its best possible shape whether you want to keep your home for another ten years, or sell it in the next three.

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