Every home needs to be built on a solid foundation to ensure it stays standing for years to come. Foundation failure can lead to thousands of dollars in costly damages so it is always a good idea to know what signs to look for and what can be done. If you have concerns about your foundation it may be a good idea to speak to a professional before anything bad happens. Here are a few signs to look for in case you suspect foundation problems.

If you begin to notice cracks in walls around door frames and windows this may be a warning sign that something is wrong with your foundation. Foundation repair may be within reach if you solve the problem early. If you notice doors harder to close or sticking when opened it could caused from a slipping or sinking foundation. Your house will slowly begin to lean and will require attention before it becomes a more serious problem. If you notice your basement walls begin to fold inward it may be from the surrounding foundation beginning to unsettle and fold into itself. It may be worth your time and money to get a soil analysis to decide whether or not it is the soil surrounding your home creating the foundation problems. This can be from a large amount of expanding clay within the soil or even poorly drained areas but either way they can cause a shift in your foundation causing problems in the future. There are 60 different types of soil located throughout Texas and many of them contain large amounts of clay.

If you do happen to get confirmation that your foundation is sinking or deteriorating it is best to act fast to avoid more damage. So what will you have to do to repair your foundation? There are a number of ways to perform foundation repair depending on what the problems you are facing are. It can be as simple as some small foundation crack repairs or an entire reconfiguration of your foundation. The two most common ways to repair an entire homes foundation is piering or slabjacking. Slabjacking is a procedure where grout is pumped below the damaged slab or beam to create a lifting force that corrects the section to its original elevation. Piering is where steel posts are pierced into unstable soil and hydraulic jacks are used to raise or improve stability in concrete slabs affected by changes in the surrounding soil. This method is used in different scenarios depending on the work needed and damage done.

Whether or not you are debating buying a home with foundation issues, bought a home with foundation issues or just want to know what to look for in the future it is always a good idea to speak to a professional to find out more information. Foundation repair and replacement specialists have faced every issue you can imagine and can help you decide which decision is best for you.

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