Don’t get cold this winter — get ready. It’s time to check in with your local firewood services for winter even if the sun is still high in the sky and a roaring flame seems a better fit for a firepit than a fireplace. Waiting until it’s freezing out means you’ll likely be scrambling to find firewood to buy at the last minute.

Instead, make sure you know the firewood dealers that can help keep your home warm for that winter chill. In addition to avoiding the rush, you’ll also be able to better prepare with seasoned firewood. Seasoning is the process of cutting, stacking, and drying firewood instead of trying to burn green wood from a freshly cut tree. Finding firewood for sale near your home means you can get deliveries or haul your own in whatever quantities you need, such as a cord — which measures four-feet high by eight-feet long.

Maximize burn time by sourcing firewood hardwood for sale too and get the best wood to reduce smoke and residue. Learn more about stocking up on firewood today!

Now is the time to get your winter store of wood started. Why you might ask? Wood takes time to cure and dry properly and allowing your store to sit for a few months is going to help make sure it is ready when winter arrives. It also makes for a cheaper wood as it is in less demand. A commercial log splitter is a great tool if you plan on splitting large amounts of wood yourself or if you are going into the wood business. Chopping down trees for wood is a great way to help keep the trees on your property managed and to help get cheap firewood.

You can always search, “firewood in my area for sale” or opt for packaged firewood but cutting your own does save money. Stove firewood does need to be very dry in order to be safe and to limit the amount of smoke that it puts off into the home. Taking the time to get your wood store early is going to save you time, it is going to save you hassle, and it is going to make it easier overall to get the wood you need without having to fight others for it.


During cool and colder months, many people enjoy having a fire in their fireplace. Not only is it a source of heat, which can cut down on your utility bill, it is also relaxing to watch.

A 2012 survey showed that fireplaces are one of the top-three amenities desired by home buyers. When house hunting, 46% of prospective buyers stated that they would actually pay more for a house with at least one fireplace.

When new homes are built, more are including wood-burning fireplaces. Approximately 60% of new homes now have fireplaces. In the 1970s, however only 36% of new homes included one. In addition to being located in the living room and den, many homes also have them in the master bedroom.

There are different types of wood that can be purchased. Seasoned wood burns better, according to New Mexico State University, and also provides approximately 20% more heat. This is because freshly-cut wood can still contain up to 45% of water.

Well-seasoned firewood usually has a moisture content of 20%-to-25%. In order to burn properly, the moisture content should be less than 30%.

When you plan to have a fire burning in your fireplace on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to buy it in bulk. If you’re planning to purchase a cord of seasoned hardwood, it tends to weigh approximately two tons. In this case, you probably want to have firewood delivery. It’s also convenient to have a firewood delivery service so you don’t have to venture out in the cold weather.

A cord of wood measures four-feet high by eight-feet long. Firewood for sale can also be purchased in smaller amounts.These include the following increments:

    1/2 cord
    1/3 cord
    1/4 cord

After you decide how much wood you want to purchase, it’s important to have a dry place to store it. Your wood storage area should have at least a four-to-eight foot capacity. While some people may store their wood in a garage, others may choose to have a special storage shed built. Many older homes with fireplaces have a wood shed alongside their house.

Once you build a fire, you can relax and enjoy the comfort that it brings.


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