Many homeowners are embracing outdoor living by adding an outdoor room to their property. An outdoor room expands the usable living space of a home. In mild climates, the room will be used all year. Outdoor living spaces may contain a seating area, wet bar, dining table, fireplace, or a combination of some or all of these features.

Outdoor fireplaces are not complicated to install. Especially if you purchase a fireplace kit instead of gathering the materials separately. One of the first decisions to make is whether you would like a backyard gas fireplace or a wood-burning fireplace. Do some research to find the best outdoor fireplace kits. You can build the exterior of your backyard gas fireplace with cement brick pavers, firebricks, or stone. Clay bricks are better suited for constructing wood-burning fireplaces.

If you are not redesigning your existing hardscaping, consider an external material that blends with your current paths and walls. You may decide on a brick fireplace kit. If your walkways are natural stone, a brick exterior fireplace might look out of place. Use one of the best outdoor fireplace kits to construct your fireplace. With proper maintenance, you will enjoy your outdoor room for many years.

Wood-burning Fireplaces
To get the most out of your outdoor fireplace and grills, it is important to make sure that they are well-maintained. Accidents and fires can occur when parts are defective and simple wear and tear can severely shorten the life of your fireplace and other hardscaping features. While hiring a professional is recommended for certain types of hardscaping and landscaping maintenance, there are a few tasks you can do on your own. Here are a few outdoor fireplace maintenance tips to consider.

  • Keep foliage in the general vicinity trimmed and cut back. Overgrowth is a fire hazard.
  • Always sweep debris and ashes out of the fireplace and off the hearth and mantle. While a broom can be used for leaves and burned wood, a shop vac should be used to remove soot and ash so as not to smear it around.
  • Clean the outside of the fireplace with a stiff-bristled brush and soapy, warm water. The inside of the fireplace, including the chimney and flu, should be cleaned by a professional chimney sweep or contractor.

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Gas Fireplaces

  • Always turn off the gas before cleaning or performing maintenance.
  • Ensure that the exhaust fan and the ventilation system are both working properly at all times.
  • When you are cleaning gas burners, do so with a soft cloth and a soft bristle brush. Consult the manufacturer?s guidelines regarding cleaning products and procedures so as not to do any damage.
  • Remove soot and ash from fake logs at least once a month.
  • Always keep the pilot light off during the months when the outdoor fireplace is not being used.

An outdoor fireplace, whether it is gas or wood-burning, can be the perfect landscape design feature. It is both beautiful and functional, particularly on a brisk autumn night. To keep the fireplace working for years to come, make sure you take proper care of it and inspect it regularly. For more information, talk to a hardscape and landscape contractor about proper care and maintenance procedures.


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