Plastic nuts and bolts

Walk into any hardware store and you will quickly get a glimpse at how much variety there is in the bolts, nuts and screws industry. Bolt and nuts suppliers provide various kinds of bolts, screws and nuts to service their large clientele of construction workers, handymen and labors. With an estimated 4,031 screw, nut and bolt manufacturers in the US, people can find any type of part they need to accomplish successfully build their jobs.

There are too many screws, nuts and bolts to listen, but here a few fun facts about them:

– Screw sizes are indicated by numbers. The higher the number, the wider and thicker the screw

– A slotted screwdriver, or a flat head, is the first known head for a screwdriver

– Lag screws are sometimes referred to as lag bolts and are also known as large wood screws

– Square-drive screws were invented in 1908 by Canadian P.L Robertson

When it comes to hex flange bolts, hardened steel bolts or hex bolts and nuts, quality for your money is very important. People are always looking on deals to save money, especially for plows, boat and carpentry. You should be careful though, because while plow bolts for less may be a helpful monetary move, if the it doesn’t get the job done, it could end up costing you more money in the long term, especially if you focus on saving money for plow bolts for less.

The nut, screw and bolt industry is a big time industry in the United States and generates an estimated $27 billion of revenue pet year. It is also an industry that employs an estimated 120,000 people and is growing in size. Companies, hardware stores and specialist opportunities are all made possible through the nut, bolt and screw industry. Regular, everyday people, don’t know that much about what type of fastener or wash or bold they should use for certain types of jobs, so the industry offers specialist roles for people with the experience and knowledge.

Jobs can be made or broken depending on the type of equipment one has to use during the build or you can save money knowing how to find plow bolts for less. Knowing and using the correct nut, bolt and screw type can make jobs more productive, efficient and run smoothly. The industry is a growing industry that provide opportunities for specialist positions and helps hardware stores fill their shelves with products to sell. Suppliers and manufacturers help turn out products that are quality and of value to help everyday workers accomplish their daily jobs.

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