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The roof of your business is it’s first line of defense against the elements. It keeps your business from flooding and protects valuable assets.

But the types of commercial roofing materials you choose may not be as important to your roof’s longevity and durability as the commercial roofing companies you choose to install and maintain them.

Why Does Hiring Workers With Experience Matter?

Weather actually isn’t the most common threat to your roof’s durability. About 40% of roof problems occur because of human error, according to the Manual of Low-Slope Roof Systems by Charles William Griffin and R. L. Fricklas.

Inexperienced or unprofessional workers may use the wrong commercial roofing equipment, or walk on the roof too often for other repairs. Poor installation practices can also lead to expensive roofing repairs down the line.

It’s crucial to hire roofing and repair professionals that are properly trained, highly experienced, and use the proper commercial roofing equipment.

How Can You Tell if Roofers and Contractors Are Experienced?

Roofers you choose to employ should be local so they can’t skip town before you can collect on a warranty. Many stormchasing roofers set up in hours, and can even fake local numbers and mailing addresses. They’re less likely to be able to fake their plates. Make sure their vehicle is from somewhere in your state.

You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they’re registered, and how long they’ve been registered. If a roofer tells you they don’t have a website, or that it’s under construction, this is a major red flag.

Ask roofers how long they’ve been in business and what licenses and certifications they have. This may be a bit awkward, but the health of your roof is on the line.

Be just as skeptical of other contractors that interact with your roof. HVAC specialists and window cleaners aren’t trained to understand commercial roofing equipment and procedures, so make sure they’re not doing more harm than good.
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