Commercial lavatories

Most would not imagine how much goes into planning a bathroom renovation. Shower bases, toilets, basins! Where to start? More specifically, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a toilet. Toilets, even the most modern toilets, operate under the same principle chain reaction that begins with a flush, which forces a flush valve to raise, and just like that, a few gallons of water flow out while a siphon is triggered to remove the waste through the drain, and into the sewer system it goes! Interestingly, the tank is not the most important part of the toilet, because the toilet would still flush without it!

Are you considering a modern toilet? Or perhaps you need to replace commercial lavatories at your office or business? There is a lot to take into account when taking on this project! Most toilets use gravity, and the weight and height of the water in the tank, to help push waste through the drain, but recent technology enables for more efficient flushing using a vacuum assisted flushing system. The fears of an overflow in the commercial lavatory disappear with this system because more force is generated to allow for a cleaner, more reliable flush. A more modern toilet may be exactly what you need for your bathroom renovation.

While toilets are constructed and operate in a relatively similar fashion, there are some differences and variations to take into account when doing some bathroom renovations. Toilets differ in how much water they use, and some are more cost effective and eco friendly than others. Dual flush toilets are become more popular in the United States and provide an alternative option to standard and low flow toilet choices.

In addition, there are new toilets available called bidets, that allow for a paperless toilet experience. These toilets may be particularly appealing for older adults or disabled individuals who have limited mobility. Furthermore, several different types of toilets are available for handicapped individuals that may be customized for their individual needs. The modern toilet can prove a tremendous benefit for these populations.

When choosing a modern toilet, do not forget to consider the maintenance involved with such a purchase! The modern toilet is based on relatively simple technology, so upkeep is usually not a problem. However, more specialized or complex toilets may require the help of a plumber or trained professional when not operating properly. Learn more at this link.


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