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Did you know that every year, the home remodeling industry generates more than $40 billion in the U.S.? This means that thousands of people spend money looking for high quality kitchen remodel contractors and home improvement franchises to help them return their home to its former glory.

Kitchen remodel contractors and kitchen remodeling franchises are often the most sought after professionals. Since the kitchen is usually the hub of any home, it sees the largest amount of traffic, leaving floors scuffed, counters chipped, and cabinets scratched.

So updating your kitchen is of paramount importance. But why not bring your kitchen renovation up-to-date with the latest trends?

Here’s what’s trending in kitchen remodeling.

  1. Functional Cabinets. With this trend, gone are the days of rows of cabinets lining your kitchen floor, or sitting above your counters. The latest cabinets are built with function in mind, and are often wider and deeper. This allows for more storage space without adding in several cabinet doors. (Drawers are also becoming broader to fit more of your kitchen accessories). These cabinets can also come with accordion-style doors that fold up as you open them, essentially pushing the door out of the way for added convenience.
  2. Colors. In recent years, homeowners have opted for stainless steel appliances and fixtures in their kitchens, but the latest trends are showing that color is back in style. Even in a more mundane kitchen with plainly painted walls, a green sink, or blue fridge can add a significant amount of visual appeal. Homeowners are increasingly adding these splashes of color to their kitchen as a simple way to boost its appearance.
  3. Over-Sized Light Fixtures. In a perfect world, the sunlight would be enough to highlight your beautifully designed kitchen, but alas, lighting is essential during the dark hours of the day. Instead of adding boring, white-colored fixtures over your bulbs, consider going bold, and getting fixtures that draw a visitor’s attention. Over-sized, hanging light fixtures can give your kitchen an element of style and sophistication, and catapult it into the modern world of fashion.

With the help of these tips, you could be on your way to designing a brand new, HGTV-worthy kitchen. It may cost you quite a bit, as the average kitchen remodel is usually more than $20,000, but the result will be worth the money. See this reference for more: www.granitetransformationsfranchise.com

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