Asbestos testing

One of the most devastating experiences that any homeowner can face is the devastation of their home by some kind of natural disaster. All around us, the elements threaten our shelters on a daily basis. Most days, everything goes smoothly. In fact, it is because things go so smoothly for us most days that a devastating event can catch us so unaware.

There are many different kinds of devastating events that can happen to us to destroy in part or entirely our security that we find in our homes. Storms, fires, and floods have been known to cripple families for good. Without the proper insurance coverage, having an encounter with the harsh realities of nature can leave us with nothing but a few memories.

Of all of the widespread natural disasters aside from fires, flooding counts for the most. Over 90% of all natural disasters that are deemed as such by the President are flood related. Even if your home or business is affected by fire, there is likely going to be water damage as a result of the extinguishing of the flames by the fire department. After a house fire, cleaning up the remains will almost always involve sifting and wading through water. Water is likely to be present with virtually every disaster, and with water, there will soon be mold.

Mold cleanup is a very important action that needs to be taken very quickly after a disaster takes place. Interior water damage and the need for mold removal can affect homes outside of designated flood zones as easily as those within. Any water damage that remains untreated for 24 to 48 hours and beyond will see the beginnings of mold growth. Even something as banal as a water leak detection can produce mold that can be extremely costly and difficult to remove.

Of the insurance claims that are filed for homeowners or business owners, 20% of them involve water damage. This is either due to water being the primary damaging cause or as a secondary cause, as in the case of fire extinguishing. Mold cleanup is virtually inevitable when repairs are being made to the damage done.

When it comes to protecting your home or business property investment, it is important to fully know the types of coverage that you have. Some insurance companies only cover flooding and water damage under certain conditions. Make sure that you know exactly what is covered in your policy.

If a catastrophe does occur, many insurance companies have a 24-hour hotline that you can call to make your claim. Make sure you make your claim as quickly as possible. When it comes to mold cleanup, the longer you wait to have it removed, the more damage will be done. Call you insurance company and do a quick assessment yourself. Go to the affected area and take as many pictures as you can. This will help the adjuster know where to begin.

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