Which part of your home needs a makeover the most?

According to many homeowners today the master bathroom is the first place to go. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s where you fix up your hair, wash your face and get ready for the day. It’s where you take a hot soak to shrug off stress and rise to your happy place. A bathroom that’s cramped, dirty or bland makes the entire home feel incomplete. Likewise, taking a little extra effort to touch up your small drawer slides or add a cabinet hanging rail can help perk you up in the morning.

There’s a big market out there for homeowners who want to start picking up some do-it-yourself skills. Let’s take a look at some ideas so you can make one of these projects your own.

Bathroom Remodeling Today

One of the most popular home renovation projects is bathroom remodeling. As touched on above, it’s a great way to make your home feel more complete while still blending form and function. According to a recent Houzz survey master bathroom remodels cost around $11,000, though this number can rise or dip depending on just how much you want to install. Are you thinking of changing your bin lids to match the tiles or do you want to go all out with cabinet lighting? Figuring out just where you want your bathroom to end up is your first answer in a long line of questions.

America’s Kitchen And Bathroom Industry

The home remodeling industry is flourishing. Not only are more homeowners getting more eco-savvy with their renditions, more are wanting to learn do-it-yourself building skills. The American kitchen cabinet demand is projected to grow to a stunning $17 billion once 2021 arrives. An interesting study found nearly 50% of Millennials are likely to choose white kitchen cabinets, compared to just 40% of Baby Boomers. Whichever you choose, trust you’re able to customize and tweak until your home has reached perfection.

Form Over Function Ideas

Let’s say you want to make your bathroom look more beautiful. Cabinet lighting is a great place to start, as a simple change in your lighting fixtures can completely transform your interior design. Warm lighting can compliment cool furniture, while cool lighting can bring out the undertones of warm colors. Unlike other areas of the home the bathroom often has just one light as the focus, though you can always change this with the master bath to give yourself some flexibility. It’s estimated homeowners remodel more than 10 million kitchens and 15 million bathrooms every year.

Function Over Form Ideas

Perhaps you want to prioritize function over form. You’re tired of not having enough space to put all your make-up supplies or you’re worried about your cabinet furniture knobs not holding up to repeated use. To date cabinets account for between 40% and 50% of total kitchen remodel costs. They’re a prime way of updating your bathroom’s look while giving you more space to shuffle around your toiletries, towels and clothes. Small drawer slides can be situated next to the sink, above the bath or beside the toilet to give yourself more flexibility.

Useful Supplies To Start With

Whether it’s investing in small drawer slides to complete your new cabinet or adjustable shelving hardware to go all out with a custom addition, you’re in a good spot to experiment. Out of the top 20 metro areas in the United States homeowners in San Francisco have been found to spend the most money on kitchen remodels, averaging $70,000 for a large kitchen. You can always pair your bathroom and kitchen renovation ideas together if you want a uniform look, particularly if you have a tight schedule and don’t want to have to call contractors constantly throughout the year to see your project completed.

Your home needs a makeover. What could small drawer slides or new bath hardware do to help it look brand new again?

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