One thing is for sure: not all home decor stores are created equal. In different stores, you can find different things you might need, but finding everything in one place is going to be a difficult task.

Besides, you probably only want a certain number and type of things from any given store. Meaning, you might want a little bit of this from one store and a little bit of that from a different store. You might want to do you bathroom in one style while showing off the kitchen in another style altogether.

Your outdoor deck might be something else entirely. Shopping at one store to pick out bedsheets and wallpaper might not be the place to purchase your casual outdoor furniture. An indoor sofa and hammocks don’t quite go together. I think you get the point. Home decor stores have a niche to fill and you have specific needs. Take a look around.

According to some industry estimates, the home decor market has grown to $65.2 billion dollars annually. That can’t happen if there isn’t a large enough inventory to meet just about everyone’s style. In 2013, furniture and other home furnishings generated over $101 billion in sales, making it a major economic force in the world of business.

After a house and a car, furniture will likely be the third most expensive thing you will ever buy. Many folks, each year, get married and move into a home where the couple desires to make it their own, a combined style from each partner. When a new couple looks to home decor stores for help, sometimes they know their style and often times, they don’t. That is where expertise in a certain niche can really come in handy.

One store might focus all of its energy on bedroom furniture and mattresses. Since it isn’t trying to be all things to all people, this store’s staff will surely have at least one person who will be able to assess what you are trying to do with the bedroom and lead the new couple to what they both want and need for their new bedroom.

Another store might specialize in outdoor furniture. In the same way, the first store guided the newly married couple to the best bedroom for them, so will this outdoor specialty store provide the latest styles and give the best advice as to what will be best in different situations.

The home decor industry is a major industry, indeed. But with so much money at stake when it comes to buying furniture, it is best to find out which stores will be right for you. Take each renovation or need for home furnishings one room at a time. Take a look at what store speaks to your particular style. After you have identified what you like, take the time to ask questions until you feel comfortable.

It’s your home.

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