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Although many people do fire drills in their homes, schools, or place of work, many people do not consider how important it is to have regular fire extinguisher inspections in restaurants. Restaurants can be in danger of a fire more than any other type of establishment. Since heat and ovens are often used at high temperatures in order to cook food, and often without any type of break or rest, there can be more instances when a fire can occur. By ensuring that there is regular fire extinguisher servicing, company owners can be ready for when a fire does occur, by having properly working equipment. Here are three reasons why it is so crucial to have these services reviewed on a regular basis.

Fires Can Occur More Often in a Restaurant, Regardless of How Big or Small It Is

Restaurants that are not confined often see the highest start in fires in the kitchen area (over 40%). Over the course of a year, over 7,000 fires are reported on a yearly basis. This means that it is important for restaurants to be sure they have a fire extinguisher service and different types of fire suppression systems that can ensure everything is in working order. This can include fire extinguisher recharge and inspection services. Another factor for business owners and restaurant managers to keep in mind is that when an accident occurs, it can cost over $200 million in property damage. Given the amount of loss that can come with a fire, safety and taking precautions to avoid these problems should be the number one concern. Ensuring that fire extinguishers are properly stocked can keep employees and customers safe as well. This provides for a safe and functioning workplace for workers and those who visit.

Fire Extinguishers Can Save Lives and Prevent Further Issues from Happening

In a study that examined fire extinguisher services and how these benefited a restaurant, it was found that by having portable fire extinguishers 80% of over 2,000 fires that occurred were put out before further damage could take place. Given how this can save lives and prevent damage from further affecting the kitchen and even spreading into parts of the restaurant, workers can successfully take charge of any issues that may occur. This not only gives these individuals confidence in their workplace, but saves money and protects the business. It makes sense to always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area, because this is where over 50% of accidents occur. Fires from the kitchen can quickly spread without the aid of a fire extinguisher.

Hiring an Independent Contractor for Fire Extinguisher Inspections Can Keep Businesses Safe

By using an outside company to be involved in all fire extinguisher inspections, companies can rest assured that the safety of their employees and well-being of their business is in qualified hands. In restaurants and other similar establishments that serve the public, these contractors should review and inspect the fire extinguishers. Because they have had training in working with fire extinguishers, they know what to look for and replace when dealing with a defunct fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher service can offer business owners added protection since they are usually certified in dealing with extinguisher inspections. They can also make recommendations to the owner, and let them know if they need more than the average kitchen. When it comes to automatic extinguishing systems, only contractors that are licensed should deal with them, and review at least twice a year to be sure everything is kept up to date.

Fire extinguisher inspections are important for any business that is a restaurant or has a kitchen. Fires can occur in both big and small kitchens, and it is crucial that these businesses are prepared in case a fire does happen. Having a fire extinguisher system ensures that money will be saved on possible damages, and the lives of employees and customers will be safe, as well. Finally, most companies will benefit from having outside contractors come in to do fire extinguisher inspections. They are usually certified, know how to recognize a failing system, and can work with business owners by suggesting replacements that would benefit the establishment.

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