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Mother’s Day is a great weekend to work on some special projects around the house. While some people give their mothers jewelry, gifts, or days at the spa, others are willing to donate their time to outdoor projects. After a quick discussion with mom about what her landscaping design plans are, you might prepare to dig in the dirt and get the yard ready for spring.
whether you are making the decision to update or improve your landscaping because of Mother’s Day or because your old plants are not doing well, research indicates that investing in your yard is a great decision. In fact, some research indicates that landscaping increases your home?s resale value by as much as 14%. Some outdoor living designs, for instance, show as much as a 150% return on investment (ROI) for a mere 5% improvement.
Consider some of the following improvements you might make to your house:

  • Colorful Flowers. Depending on where you live, the first or second weekend of May is often a perfect tie to plant flowers. If your mother likes daffodils, you can create a beautiful yellow splash of color that greets her every morning. Peonies
  • Backyard Patios. No matter where you reside, an outdoor living space such as a backyard patio is the perfect spring and summer entertainment area for guests and family. Adding a backyard patio can increase the amount of time your family spends together. More than half of the homeowners who are upgrading their outdoor spaces are spending six or more hours there per week. This time is mainly spent relaxing, gardening, or entertaining. perfect after a long day or week at work, backyard patios are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and prices. By contacting an outdoor living company, you can connect with experts who will help you create your dream patio.
  • Backyard Water Features. A backyard water feature adds an element of peaceful serenity to any backyard, and by taking up square footage leaves you with less area to mow and therefore an easier backyard to maintain. Nearly 83% of Americans believe that having a yard is important, and of those homeowners with a yard, 90% of them think that yard maintenance is important. Adding a backyard water feature not only improves the aesthetic value of your yard, but it also shrinks the grassy area of a backyard, making it easier to maintain.
  • Adding Bushes and Shrubs. Adding beautiful flowers is not the only way to landscape a yard. Professional landscaping companies can help you to add a variety of bushes and shrubs to your outdoor living space. In fact, an outdoor living company will likely have perfectly maintained examples for you to look at when you are ready to make your choices.
  • Raised Vegetable Beds. Instead of digging holes into your yard and tearing up a bunch of your grass, you can also consult landscaping experts about creating and building a raised vegetable garden. This raised garden can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will provide your family with its own source for organic, fresh produce. while fewer and fewer families live in the country and follow the growing cycle, a new group of parents are teaching their children about the importance to sustainability. Additionally, some studies indicate that children who grow their own vegetables may be more likely to eat them.
  • Outdoor Cooking Areas. As families across America continue to look for ways to spend more time together, it should come as no surprise that many of these plans include having more meals together. Outdoor fire rings and cooking pits designed by an outdoor living company, in fact, are very popular. In addition to being perfect venues for preparing meals, these outdoor cooking areas are great for evening bonfires and other gatherings. With the warmth of a fire, these areas can be used beyond the summer and into the cooler weather months.

How Can an Outdoor Living Company Help You Extend the Use of Your Yard?
As the summer season quickly approaches, what plans is your family making to spend time together? Events like Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June are perfect reasons to both plan new projects and to enjoy the results of those projects.

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