At one time, hardwood floors were the standard in American homes because they were durable and long-lasting; it was the practical choice in flooring. Today, original hardwood floors dramatically increase the value of the home because people appreciate the ascetic beauty of the floors.

Although hardwood floors are still highly durable and long-lasting, they are also fairly expensive in price and must be professionally installed increasing their overall price. The average person does not have the tools or know-how to properly install real hardwood floors.

With the high price and difficult installation, companies have found alternative options to offer eager consumers; one being peel and stick planks. These are easy to install on nearly any surface and provide the beauty of hardwood floors without the expense or the work.

In addition to being easier to install, peel and stick planks are also easier to maintain and won’t damage as easily as hardwood floors can. This is particularly useful for dog owners, as the dog’s nails will scratch into real wood floors leaving marks.

Stick on wood planks can be purchased in a wide range of finishes to match any décor, and they are not limited to flooring. Peel and stick shiplap planks are perfect for walls. You can get the country or farmhouse look without a great deal of work or expense.

Another trending idea that is perfect for peel and stick planks is having a peel and stick accent wall. Instead of doing an entire room in planks, you can choose one wall to cover in peel and stick planks and paint the other walls.

Doing one wall will create a unique visual appeal providing décor without having to choose paintings or other art to go on the wall. It also remains a usable wall for furniture or wall hangings.

If you like the idea of peel and stick panels, but you aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your home, you can look at idea websites like Pinterest. With the growing interest in peel and stick options, there are thousands of idea pins involving wood planks, peel and stick, and panels for flooring, walls, ceilings, even furniture. The possibilities are nearly endless.

You may also decide to go outside the box and do something you’ve never seen before. Many people will use peel and stick wood panels for specific areas or items within their home to add texture to an otherwise flat space. For example, people have used peel and stick planks to cover the front of a bar or island.

Peel and stick panels can also be used on doors or calls to create the visual effect of full panels without the expense or aggravation of panels. You can even use them to quickly and easily match a play structure or dog house to your house creating a fun and cohesive look.

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