We’ve all been there, those troublesome days when the toilet begins to back up and we have no idea what to do about it. The plunger isn’t working, your five year old is screaming about being late for school, your husband needs to use the bathroom… the house is literal chaos and on top of it the toilet stopped working because of the mound of toilet paper that the toddler decided to try and flush when you had your back turned. This may sound like the morning of your nightmares; unfortunately this hectic morning is one that happens for many individuals when they are walking out of their homes to get on with the rest of their busy days. This is when a toilet repair could be the only hope you have to gain your day back from the chaos. Calling that plumber may just be right around the corner in order to get your day back to where it should be.

Since 2500 B.C. there has been indoor plumbing. This concept is not a new one by any means. However, it doesn’t mean that we have completely learned what can be flushed and what should not be flushed. A plumber sees it all the time, the wrong items getting lodged in the pipes (trust us they’ve seen it all, people can be funny things and the little people such as toddlers, even funnier) and clogging the way for the water to escape. Don’t worry, this preparation for them has lead to them knowing a multitude of ways of knowing how to solve all of your plumbing service needs.

It isn’t always just the major disasters that send you to call your plumbing contractors either, it can be the small things that don’t leave a mountain of water building up on the floor of your bathroom. It can be the things such as small leaks that you can hear and not see, or that you know are in your walls near your pipes. A call to your plumber can solve all of these problems quickly and affordably. You see, 10% of leaks can waste 90 gallons of water per day. Why would you want to pay the water company for water that’s been leaking in your walls out of your pipes all day, this just sounds like something that could lead you to needing to replace many other things that we’re almost positive that you probably don’t even want to think about.

Before you find yourself scrambling around with worry over having to devise a story as to what happened to your pluming for your plumber, simply call your plumbing repair and get your situation sorted out without judgment. We’re here to get your house in working order and to make it comfortable for you to live in again, we’re not here to concern ourselves with what you or your toddler attempted to flush down the toilet. Don’t worry about any of that, we’ve seen it all. Home plumbing is our job and taking care of your house and getting it back in the condition it is supposed to be is also what we do best.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even be able to persuade you into replacing that old toilet with a low flush toilet that can save you up to 18,000 gallons of water per year. Who doesn’t like the thought of saving money, and as they say, every drop of water is another dollar bill with the prices of water bills going up yearly.

But really, the next time you need a plumber on a busy morning to fix your problems and get you back together quickly, don’t hesitate to make that phone call and get your family back on track when it comes to your home and your plumbing services issues. We’re here to help you pretend like nothing ever happened in the first place. Your busy days with busy lives and kids shouldn’t stop you from having a working house, especially when one of those parts the house is well used, the bathroom.

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