Phoenix bathroom remodeling

Do you live in a house that does not suit your needs? Can you not use a regular bathroom, and want to see what bathroom remodeling in Phoenix is available? You may want to see if there are any options for handicapped bathrooms. A handicapped bathroom is a bathroom that is ADA compliant in a commercial building or hotel, and can therefore suit the challenges of any individual who cannot use a normal bathroom. Furthermore, handicapped bathrooms are found in residential properties for those who wish to use them, such as the physically impaired or the elderly.

What are some of the features of handicapped bathrooms? One feature of a handicapped bathroom is a specially designed shower or tub. These showers or tubs have liberal handlebar placement to provide support, and often have a special adhesive material on the floor to prevent slips and falls. Furthermore, all showers and tubs inside a handicapped bathroom are step free. Some may only be a shower, in which case they are open. Others may have a walk in bath tub, which has a small Dutch door that forms a watertight seal.

Another feature of handicap bathrooms are toilets. The disabled and the elderly may have trouble lowering themselves onto a toilet seat. Most toilets therefore have special toilet seats that are raised. Many have handlebars that allow the person to easily lower herself onto the toilet seat.

Of course, these are not the only features a Phoenix bathroom remodeling service can install. Most handicapped bathrooms have a wide floor plan. Many have special ventilation. In any case, there are a variety of possible configurations that bathroom remodeling Scottsdale offers can provide.

You do not have to live with an unworkable bathroom for another day. Rather, you can always have a handicapped bathroom installed. Not only can your quality of life improve, but you can also have piece of mind. Get more info here.

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